Rainy day round up

We’ve had a variety of weather conditions over the past week. Today grey skies and persistent rain lend themselves to an easy paced afternoon sat in a well-lit armchair 🙂

Slow Sunday Stitching armchair 🙂

My latest project has pushed along at a pretty fast pace (for me). I spent my sewing time on Friday and Saturday machine quilting. I chose to change threads to match the colour of the fabrics as I stitched so there are quite a few thread ends to slip under the surface of the quilt top – hence my linking with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching. The binding for this quilt is all prepared so I’ll need to make a quick return to the sewing machine to attach that before settling back in the armchair for the final hand stitching.

Label attached, note some of the many thread ends to be hidden…

I do like to attach a label to the back of my quilts (see this post for how I make labels and a bit of the history behind quilt labels). Carole at ‘From My Carolina Home’ wrote this week about the importance of  ‘Labeling Quilts and Keeping Records’. She used the experience of quilts being stolen to hi-light the importance of using labels in such a way that they become a security feature as well as providing information about the heritage of the quilt.

A robin enjoying the opportunity to feed inside the ‘cage’

Earlier this week we had a sprinkling of snow and a taste of freezing temperatures. Ideal conditions for testing a purchase made from the RSPB shop; a ‘cage’ to prevent large, ground feeding birds hogging the feed put out to attract smaller birds into the garden.It worked a treat, with robins, dunnocks, starlings and a slim, female, blackbird getting through the mesh to the feeder while bemused woodpigeons made themselves dizzy walking round and round the outside! RESULT!

As well as Carole’s post about quilt labels, I have collected other articles and tutorials on my Pinterest board, ‘Pins of the Week’ including a post by Melanie which helped me make the distinction between goals and challenges; a heart-warming post from Beth about her experience of stepping beyond her sewing room into a quilt guild meeting; and Ardelle’s tips on marking a quilt design accurately.

Hoping you find God’s peace in whatever you are doing this Sunday.



5 thoughts on “Rainy day round up

  1. I like your project. I also like the bird cage idea. I put out bread for the birds in the Winter, and sometimes the crows and other large birds get it all before the smaller birds. Thank you for sharing your ideas.


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