Preparing course notes and hearing a challenge

This weekend’s been filled with a mix of activities all done to the backdrop of the tentative arrival of Spring.  Wall to wall sunshine yesterday had lots of people getting out and about, sorting and tidying.  We began the task of clearing our garage in readiness for it being converted into a hobby/guestroom 🙂  The back of the car quickly filled with the ‘it might come in handy’ items we’ve stored, clambered over and just occasionally made use of in the last 20 years!  There was a queue of cars waiting at the towns recycling centre – we definitely weren’t the only ones having a clear out this weekend!  A trip to a plumbers trade centre to look at showers left us only slightly less confused than we had been after being baffled by brochures – isn’t it difficult choosing items only bought on two or three occasions in a lifetime?  More research and a chat with our builder required…

The example beginners tote bag made as I wrote the instructions. Don’t quite know what possessed me to pick these fabrics!


Switching from one activity to another, I’ve been preparing an instruction leaflet and making a tote bag in readiness for a lesson with a new ‘student’ on Wednesday.  Over the past six months I’ve been coaching/teaching a few people through the basics of patchwork and quilting.  I devised a five lesson course making cushion covers with progressively more complicated patchwork blocks.  When I was put in touch with Nina I discovered she doesn’t have a sewing machine  and needs tuition in the use of a machine  before progressing to P&Q.  Humm! Back to the drawing board, so to speak! I’ve come up with a very simple tote bag pattern and have been writing and tweeking the instructions as I’ve been making the example bag and getting reacquainted with my #2 sewing machine.


The finalised instructions printed and ready for Wednesday.
The finalised instructions printed and ready for Wednesday.


Quietly, in the background of the weeks activities,   I’ve been trying to pick up momentum in the making of my log cabin quilt. The borders are attached, the wadding has been cut and the backing has been ripped along the grain ready to be pieced.  Then it’s quilt sandwich time 🙁

Other news from this weekend:

Special mention for #1 son who ran his first half marathon today and was disappointed not to finish within 75 minutes!  It took him 77 minutes to run the 13 miles and he’s raised a tidy sum for a teenage cancer charity.  Bless!

At Church we have been reading Mark’s Gospel and asking ourselves the key question, ‘Who is Jesus?’. The sermons and housegroup studies have been helping us compare what we think we know with what the Bible actually says – a good discipline.  Today Will preached on Mark 6 and laid down a challenge: to discover in which areas of our lives we are compromising, sitting on the fence, rather than submitting to Jesus as King (you know when that little voice says, ‘I know I shouldn’t but I like it and what harm is it doing anyway…’?)   In Mark 6 Herod imprisons John the Baptist for criticising his marriage to his brothers wife but nonetheless he continues to be drawn to John’s teaching of repentance. In the end Herod’s compromise and indecision has tragic consequences.  His wife uses a rash promise of a gift to demand the death of John. And so Herod, too proud to back out of an oath made in front of important guests, orders John to be executed and looses a valuable if unlikely ‘advisor’ who could have drawn him to a new life in !

The morning service ended with a great song of worship, ‘Behold our God‘.


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  1. your instruction booklet looks very professional ! Isn’t it good to get some of the old things cleared away ? I always feel ‘lighter’ when I get one of those jobs done. Congratulations to your son on running the marathon and raising the money for charity – 13 miles in 77 min. is quite a feat in my books !

    • Definitely very satisfying to have sorted and shifted some ‘stuff’! I can’t run between two lampposts without getting out of puff so how anyone keeps going for 13 miles I just don’t know! Well that’s not true really, I do know it takes a lot of training in all weathers which is why I’m so proud of his achievement!


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