Patchwork Covers and an Unexpected Christmas Tree

You may know of Sandra Walker’s ‘Dreami’s’? She defines Dreamis as the projects that catch us unawares, demanding we ‘Drop Everything and Make It’! When Sandra first described this phenomenon and began the monthly Dreami link up I was right with her! My sewing room is littered with drop-everything-and-make-it projects! Indeed I have ‘project master lists’ (written with the express idea of keeping me on track with existing projects) that have more unplanned projects penciled in at the bottom than there are projects neatly composed in printer ink at the the top!

In the past two months I have embarked on two Dreami projects. On Sunday I began a third… I spotted Jenny Doan’s latest on-line tutorial featuring a Christmas tree quilt. I thought, ‘I could make that to hang in the sewing room/guestroom!’.

Out came my scrap and stash boxes…. I spent a happy half hour curating a collection of blue-green fabrics 🙂 I have a few metres of a white on white fabric that features little stars – ideal for the background of a Christmas tree patchwork. Serendipity or just too much stash?

Blue-green squares by Allison Reid

Thankfully I did have the sense to do a bit of measuring before diving in with my rotary cutter and rulers. The MSQC quilt finishes at 73″ by 81″, my hanging space is only 53″ long. Jenny makes her HSTs with 10″ layer cake squares using the eight-at-a-time method*. Some of my scraps are only 4″ square. A few calculations – along with scruffy drawings on scraps of paper – and I’ve come up with a plan:

  • Reduce the size of the finished individual HSTs by one inch to 3″ which will make my finished chevron blocks 6″ rather than the MSQC’s 8″.
  • Reduce the number of rows of chevron blocks from the MSCQ’s seven to five.
  • Therefore, make 60 HSTs not the 112 needed for the original pattern.

I’ve cut 30 feature print squares and thirty background squares. Now to draw diagonal lines on the backs of the background squares before making my sixty HSTs using the two-at-a-time method*. I’ll be trimming them all to 3½” square using my trusty Tucker Trimmer ruler. My rough calculation is my finished version of the MSQC Chevron Christmas Tree Quilt will measure around 48″ square… We shall see 😉

*Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts has published excellent tutorials about making Half Square Triangles using a variety of methods. Click here to find the tutorials.

Just before I sign off here is the progress I’ve made on my other two Dreamis. You may recall I bought a neat little mobile storage unit from Hobbycraft? It proved it’s worth doubling as a bedside table when my sewing room morphed into the guest room. In fact the trolley worked so well that I bought another, giving me more storage and two bedside tables – win, win! The trolleys look little clinical though with their metal frames and tops. Hence the decision to drop other projects to make a start on patchwork trolley covers…

Trolley covers by Allison Reid
The tops are made, now for the overhangs to cover the drawer fronts….

Autumn Leaves quilt sandwich by Allison ReidThe final member of the Dreami trio is unchanged from when I last shared a photo – pieced and sandwiched but not a stitch of quilting done 🙁 on the Autumn leaves wall hanging. This hi-lights the main danger of being a Dreami project worker: not much gets finished!

Linking with Sandra for the latest Dreami link up (it makes me feel better knowing other quilters are a prone to a bit of Dreami-ness!) and with Connie for Linky Tuesday.


PS. This evening I’ll be updating my Pins of the Week and Last Week’s Pins of the Week boards on my Pinterest page. You’ll find more links to inspiring quilt projects and tutorials if you click over 🙂



4 thoughts on “Patchwork Covers and an Unexpected Christmas Tree

    • Thank you! I’ve stitched and trimmed all the HSTs since publishing this blog post so hopefully I’ll be making the chevron blocks in the next day or two. I really enjoyed making those string blocks – fabrics from my scrap boxes and the foundation was from our scrap paper pile 🙂

  1. I really like those patchwork trolley covers! I think your dreami projects are very similar to my squirrel projects! Ha, ha! I also saw Jenny’s tutorial, but have resisted it so far.


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