Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (75)

Welcome to Saturday Sunday Quilting Bring & Share! This is my week of missed deadlines… Nevermind! It’s not too late to bring out project(s) and share in just a few of the inspiring conversations going on in the Worldwide Quilting Community. Do add your comments and links in the box at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Before continuing with all things quilting I would like to thank everyone who inquired after and joined in praying for our son who underwent emergency surgery last Monday. The procedure went well and he is on the road to recovery. Being a man who’s life revolves around working in a gym and running miles every week he is having to make a big life style adjustment – no exercise for 6 weeks while his body knits itself back together! Meanwhile I am having to accept he is 27 years old and does not need a Mother Hen clucking around! 😀

So! The first day of September, Meteorological Autumn has begun. To be sure there is a little nip to the air but the sunshine is still very warm. However I’m not ready to let go of Summer just yet. I’ll do a retrospective of August instead with the One Monthly Goal challenge I set myself. I had set more than one goal for this one month. My aim was to execute some finishes. I did finish the ‘secret quilt’ but as it remains a secret I can not share the visual proof! I got close to a couple of other finishes: one of the Square-in-a-Square quilts is quilted and I’m in the process of hand-stitching the binding down; and I’ve quilted quite a bit of the Jelly Roll Waves quilt BUT as neither are actually finished I couldn’t link up with for the One Monthly Goal August Finish post. Still! Progress has been made 🙂

Square in a Square attaching binding by Allison Reid
The beginning of the binding stitching happily marks the end too!

Stitching down the binding all around a quilt can be a rather daunting prospect. Having got the first few stitches done I had a thought: that first stitch has not only created the beginning of the task but also the ending. From now on every stitch I make takes me nearer to the end. Suddenly the task doesn’t seem so over whelming 🙂 Maybe I am going just a little bit loopy in my old age but this thought has kept me going! Do you have any mind strategies to keep a long task from becoming overwhelming?

Just a few links this week:

How about this for a cute baby quilt? Patty has used Elizabeth Hartman’s bunnies to very good effect.

On the hottest August Bank Holiday ever recorded in England it seemed a bit strange to be thinking of Autumn but Connie’s Amber Logs quilt pattern is too lovely to file away in the ‘not yet’ folder:-) Adding curves to the already versatile log cabin creates an interesting setting for the blocks.

Carole is an accomplished patchwork quilter who turns her hand to other crafts. She has been experimenting with techniques, materials and dried flowers to make her own papers to use in card making.

As I’m hand stitching binding I thought it would be appropriate to link with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Happy Stitching!



Not Your Typical Bank Holiday Monday!

Today is an atypical Bank Holiday Monday. For one it is sunny and VERY hot! Being British we plan for cool, rainy holidays….

Secondly, in our household we are waiting, waiting… To hear from our eldest son who was admitted to hospital last night and is undergoing emergency hernia surgery as I write. To occupy our anxious wait I have retreated to the relative cool of my sewing room while my husband is in the sitting room watching the hi-lights of yesterday’s dramatic Ashes Test match.

Yesterday evening, blissfully unaware that our son (who lives across town) was writhing around in agony, I managed to complete all the fmq feather swirls on the first Square-in-a-Square quilt. My free motion ‘skills’ produced a variety of swirls – some with just seven feathers others with ten. But I am content with the overall look.

Square in a Square FMQ feather swirl (3) by Allison Reid

Square in a Square FMQ feather swirl (2) by Allison Reid

Now. with my heart beating a little faster than is necessary for the activity involved, I am squaring off the quilt and preparing to attach the binding. Thankfully neither job requires my full attention 🙂

Square in a Square trimming by Allison Reid

I am so thankful to our God for the gift of prayer. Yesterday morning we sat with both our sons in Church, we sang God’s praises together, prayed together and shared in Holy Communion together. Our God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow 🙂 We can trust him through the good times and the difficult times.

Linking with Beth for Monday Making and Em for Moving It Forward Monday.


Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (74)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share 🙂 It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in England, the sun is shining and the mercury is rising. There’s time to enjoy the outdoors and play in the sewing room too: bring along your project(s) and share in the conversations initiated by members of our Worldwide Quilting Community. Add your thoughts to the conversations by using the comments box at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

I was aiming for a finish this week but it hasn’t quite come about. My main focus has been on the quilting of one of the Square-in-a-Square quilts. Using the walking foot I stitched edge-to-edge wavy lines followed by in-the-ditch stitching around the charm squares at the centre of each block. The quilting shows up best on the back of the quilt:

Square in a Square quilting back by Allison Reid

I liked the squishy look this open quilting design produced – I was reminded of the eiderdowns we had on beds before duvets became the go-to bedding. But on reflection I decided a quilted design within the centre sqares would create interest whilst adding to the stability of the layers. My first choice was to mark and stitch (using a free motion set up) a design into each square using a stencil.

Square in a Square stencil by Allison Reid

This didn’t work so well…

Square in a Square stencil quilting by Allison Reid

I could put up with the wobbly stitching lines and the variation in stitch size but when the beginning and end of the continuous line design didn’t meet up… Well! I got the stitch ripper out and had a re-think. I plumped for free motion feather swirls. The results are not particularly even but I am content with the overall result – imperfect feather designs are very forgiving.

Square in a Square FMQ feather swirl by Allison Reid

I’ve completed three of the feather swirls so my aim is to complete the remaining seventeen before attaching the binding to the quilt.

Tomatoes ripening in my garden by Allison ReidI will be spending quite a bit of time outdoors too – this weekend feels like a bit of a bonus at the end of the summer season. The tomatoes are finally ripening and I am moving into phase two of the ‘battle of the bird table’ with my adversary: the ever growing population of large, greedy Woodpigeons. I wouldn’t mind them stopping by to feed once in while but these birds peck away in relentless fashion with no thought of sharing the food with smaller birds. I added some plastic mesh to the bird table to prevent them perching and reaching the food but to no avail. Still! I am ready for a fresh battle 😀 I will not be defeated by a Woodpigeon!


Woodpigeon on bird table by Allison Reid

And so to just a few of the quilty conversations that have caught my attention this week:

Ever been on a quilt shop hop? Karen over at Tu-Na quilt set off to tour the whole of Michigan in 8 days taking in 59 shops and covering 2815 miles in the process – not to mention a Grandson’s baptism! Click here for the opening installment of her Shop Hop tales!

Yvonne Fuchs has released another of her striking quilt patterns. The solid fabrics she used for the featured ‘Wonder’ baby quilt has helped me decide on the colour scheme for a Snoopy quilt commissioned by a friend.

Cynthia challenged herself to use green fabrics. She has created a stunning improv garden quilt.

Allison’s Diagonal Seam Tape is a brilliant idea – helping accuracy and saving time by doing away with all the diagonal lines that usually have to be drawn for half square triangles or snowball corners. In fact the tape is such a great idea that Allison’s initial supplies sold out super fast!

Linking with Alycia for the first Finished or Not Finished Friday 🙂 as she takes on the baton from Myra at Busy Hands Quilts.

Happy Stitching!


Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (73)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share 🙂 Bring along your project(s) and share in some of the conversations members of the Worldwide Quilting Community are engaging in this week. Join in by leaving your thoughts and inspiration in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Please do click the ‘subscribe’ button too – I promise I won’t be sending a deluge of notifications and messages to your inbox! Thank you!

I’ve had a satisfying week in the sewing room. How about you? I finished, packed and posted the Secret Quilt to it’s destination. Whew! I actually beat a deadline 😀 Then I turned my attention to quilts with self-imposed deadlines attached: All the blocks for the Jelly Roll Waves QAL were up on my design wall so it was a no-brainer to start with stitching them together, completing the quilt top and keeping up with the QAL. You can see other finished Jelly Roll Waves quilt tops by clicking here.

Jelly Roll Waves pieced top by Allison Reid

I was on a roll myself 🙂 I decided to make the binding and piece the backing for the quilt. Despite the time it takes me I do enjoy putting together a pieced quilt back.

Jelly Roll Waves pieced backing by Allison Reid

I included a label as part of the backing too. I used up most of the fabrics that remained from making the quilt top and the leftover extra-wide backing fabric I’d used for the Secret Quilt.

Jelly Roll Waves label and binding by Allison Reid

Quite a lot of the furniture in my sewing room can be moved and utilised in different ways which is great as we know making a quilt involves several stages. I have a folding gate leg table, a folding picnic table and the portable Sewezi flat bed machine table. When I’m cutting, piecing or quilting I arrange the tables like this:

Sewing Room set for cutting and piecing by Allison Reid

When I need to baste a quilt, I collapse the picnic table, move the sewing machine table against the wall and use the enlarged floor space to open out both sides of the gate leg table. This room and the versatile furniture are such a blessing.

Sewing Room set for basting by Allison Reid

I basted the Jelly Roll Waves quilt and thought I might as well get one of the Square-in-a-Square quilts basted too while the room is arranged this way.

Square in a Square quilt ready for basting by Allison Reid

Beaded tealight (2) by Allison ReidAway from the sewing room my crafting extended to a bit of beading. We made these decorative tealight holders at the monthly Craft Group I help run at our Church. Before the meeting I had to dive under a bed to find my box of beads and equipment. You won’t be surprised to learn I found several UFOs in the box! What am I like?

Just a few quilting links to share (I’ve spent more time away from my laptop than usual this week … I’ll get back into routine.. sometime!):

Jayne shares photos of quilts on display at the Circleville Quilt Show. There is lots of inspiration particularly if you are drawn to traditionally pieced quilt designs.

The second part of Christa Watson’s machine quilting tutorial demonstrates how to stitch a wavy line grid across a quilt. It does look effective and has the distinct advantage of being a pattern that can be stitched edge to edge – no thread ends to hide 🙂

Myra is handing on her weekly link up Finished Or Not Friday to Alycia at Alycia Quilts. I’ve found Finished Or Not Friday a really encouraging link up. Always interesting to click over to those who’ve joined in and find out what they are making, maybe find out why it’s not yet finished and celebrate brilliant finishes too. Myra is going to devote more time to her pattern writing – she has a rapidly growing collection of patterns available from her Etsy shop.

Mary has created a beautiful scrap quilt based loosely on the Jen Kingwell ‘Gypsy Wife’ pattern. Mary’s relaxed method of making blocks and collecting strips worked really well.

I tend to shy away from using templates when I’m cutting out fabrics but Wendy is obviously a bit of an expert and shares some useful tips in her post describing the finishing of a complicated looking quilt designed by Anna Maria Horner.

Linking with Myra for the Jelly Roll Waves QAL.

Happy Stitching!