Ready to leave your mark? Which tools to use when marking for quilting?

About five years ago I tried hand quilting for the first time, working on a cushion cover I had hand pieced from a kit.  The only information I’d found about marking a quilt pattern advised using a template and a water soluble pen.  So I did!  And it worked ok although I did find the pen lines needed quite a bit of water and friction to disappear! I then … Read more

A couple of finishes and a WIP

My teacosies for Christmas are coming along!  I’ve had fun putting together some panel prints given me by a kind aunt and some charm squares from a fabric sample club. My WIP – just the binding round the bottom to handstitch now. (Working with the navy blue lining in artificial light was a bit tricky!).  I decided to quilt in the ditch rather than stitch over the panel pictures. … Read more