No finishes this patchwork week

I will be linking this post to Myra’s ‘Finished or Not Friday’ not because I have a finish to reveal but because this week I have been working on several ‘or nots‘!
Or not‘ project Number One:
Three-Twenties fabric strips New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
The strip quilt that I started on a bit of a whim last week. I progressed to stitching all the pieces into strips and decided on a name for the quilt too: ‘Three Twenties’ as the main ‘ingredient’ is twenty width-of-fabric strips; the strips are grouped in four lots of five; and in each group there are twenty 2½” squares.
I so wanted to create a written pattern for this quilt. Despite my best efforts and a recap of the class for the Inkscape design software I got nowhere with drawing the block diagrams. In the end I resorted to laboriously creating block diagrams on Microsoft Word. Not very satisfactory – there were a few occasions when I had to obey the warning screams in my head and ‘Step Away From the Computer’! Humm! Never underestimate the time and skill that goes into writing a decent pattern. It put me in mind of  Lindsey’s excellent on-line campaign ‘May is for Makers’ when we are urged to purchase patterns from independent designers instead of using free patterns.
Or not‘ Project Number Two:
Chocolatier BOM 9 New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
On Tuesday evening some of the participants in the Chocolatier BOM gathered for a workshop at Purple Stitches. We are up to month 9 and tackled a Drunkard’s Path block – our first go at curved piecing. My workshop didn’t lead to any of the ‘Chocolatiers’ becoming zealous curved piecing converts but they did all leave happy with the blocks they had produced 😀
Or not‘ Project Number Three:
Sugar Block with sashing fabric New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
I couldn’t progress with the 2016 Sugar Block Club as much as I’d hoped. I needed to purchase some fabric for the sashing I plan to place between my completed blocks.  I managed to track down some of the Spraytime fabric in exactly the right shade of purple (actually it is called ‘Plum’). Thank goodness for the internet 🙂 The fabric arrived in time for a sewing day on Thursday. I toyed with the idea of taking this project but came to the conclusion I would need a lot of space to spread out the blocks and cut the long strips of fabric – not very practical. Perhaps even more of a deciding factor was the need for a lot of ‘head space’ to work out the math!
Or not‘ Project Number Four:
Civil War Blocks New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
This is the project I did take to Thursdays sewing day! I went back to the blocks I started to construct at the sewing day in December. I so enjoy seeing these Civil War repro fabrics and they looked at their best as the light of a bright winter’s day streamed through the sewing room windows. It took me a surprisingly long time to construct these four blocks. Now they are on the design wall at home I’m continuing to enjoy the colours and I’m also fascinated by the secondary patterns emerging as the first four blocks meet.
Three of the four ‘or not‘ projects have emerged from my stash or the UFO cupboard of shame. ‘Using up stash’ has been a common theme in conversation, stated goals and projects  amongst my quilting friends. I began to feel sorry for all the quilt shop retailers out there busy buying in new stock. Would they be able to sell anything if quilters are all staying at home using up fabric hoards? Well! Fear not retailers! It turns out using up stash can (and often does) involve quite a lot of purchasing! To finish the projects from my stash I have bought extra fabric for sashing, backing and binding not to mention thread for quilting and of course wadding 😀
Linking with Myra for Finished or Not Friday 😉 Myra is showcasing her latest pattern, Diamond Dance, with a beautiful  batik wall hanging.
Just a reminder that my weekly blog post,’Saturday Quilting Bring & Share’ virtual sewing day with friends will be published tomorrow. Do pop by and join in.
If you are a Pinterest fan and a quilter you are very welcome to take a look at my boards including ‘Pins of the Week‘ and ‘Last Weeks Pins of the Week‘ which I update each week with info from current blog posts and online searches.
Happy Stitching.

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