My first Trip Around the World Block

Over the snowy ‘Winter Wonderland’ weekend I persevered with the task of hunting through my stash (defined as any piece of fabric larger than a fat quarter) and my colour-sorted scraps (any pieces smaller than a fat quarter!) in search of fabrics to use for Gnome Angel’s #scrappytripalong2019.

Strips for Trip Around the World Quilt by Allison Reid

I now have a collection of 144 strips, 16″ x 2½” ready to piece into 24 scrappy Trip Around the World blocks. Well! That’s not quite true… I have already made one block, so only 138 strips left! 😀 Having cut out all those strips I was keen to test the strip piecing method in the Bonnie Hunter tutorial Angie advised we use.

Here are some photos to show how I made my first block. I enjoyed the tube method of strip piecing, making these blocks will be good practice for the Bargello quilt I hope to make one day! 😉


Six scrappy strips stitched by Allison Reid
Six strips stitched together
Cutting the scrappy strip set tube by Allison Reid
Stitch the top and bottom strips together to make a tube. Then cut strips across the tube.
Opening out the strip set by Allison Reid
Unpick a different seam in each of the cut strips.
Opening out the strip set by Allison Reid
Stitch the strips together. First Scrappy Trip Around the world block completed 🙂
Opening out the strip set by Allison Reid
Up on the design wall – block one and the strips for block two.

If I make one of these blocks most days for the next four weeks I will keep on schedule with the ‘trip along’.

Linking with Judy for Design Wall Monday.


9 thoughts on “My first Trip Around the World Block

    • Yeah! I think it’s a lot quicker than stitching together individual squares and more accurate too. Not all my seams match perfectly but over all the block is square and the right size which is a bit of a challenge with so many seams!

    • Using it as a swap block would create wonderful scrap quilts. I’m on my sixth block now and so far haven’t repeated any of the fabrics. I will soon have to have some repeats but with so many fabrics hopefully they won’t dominate or stand out too much.


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