Moving on the puzzle quilt and mood music!

Today began with a snow storm – in my kitchen!  I’d failed to extract a tissue from the sleeve of a jumper before it went in the wash! SIGH!  Of course this was followed by a ‘snow storm’ under the clothes airer and I can predict, with far more certainty than any meteorologist, that there will be another snow storm tomorrow morning when I remove the clothes from the airer!

Two borders added: simple white on cream fabric to frame the puzzle blocks; and a border of half-square triangles made from the puzzle block fabrics.
Two borders added: simple white on cream fabric to frame the puzzle blocks; and a border of half-square triangles made from the puzzle block fabrics.

Nevermind!  I have been enjoying this half-term holiday week and very little housework has distracted me from my main obsession – finishing the puzzle quilt.  I have been caught out by just how long it has taken me to complete each stage of this quilt.  I managed to spend nearly all of yesterday adding the borders and preparing the backing.



I use an old gate-leg and a set of giant bulldog clips rather than the floor and masking tape when making a quilt sandwich - kinder on my knees and back!
I use an old gate-leg table and a set of giant bulldog clips rather than the floor and masking tape when putting together  a quilt sandwich – kinder on my knees and back!

Today I’ve made the quilt sandwich. This involved an unscheduled walk under my umbrella to Hobbycraft in search of safety pins to finish the job (I confess the shortage of safety pins was due to more than half of them being used to hold together a UFO …)

Now I have to bite the bullet and begin quilting. As the quilt top is so ‘busy’ and full of straight lines I’ve decided to quilt spirals in an all-over pattern.  I’ve practiced free-motion quilting the smaller inner curves of the spirals and then practiced using a walking foot and quilt guide to stitch the more gentle outer curves of the spirals.  I found this method explained by Amanda Jean  in her very helpful post on the subject of quilting spirals. (Interestingly, Leah Day, a great on-line advocate of free motion quilting, has started a series of quilting tutorials using a walking foot).

I quite often have a musical accompaniment to my sewing and housework and find that what I listen too can affect my thoughts and feelings for good or bad.  One of the first patchwork workshops I  attended had gentle classical music playing in the background to keep us all calm!  It was very helpful!  Last Friday we had a treat and went to see Rumours of Fleetwood Mac at The Anvil, Basingstoke.  RFM are an excellent tribute band, the venue was packed and we had so much fun being carried along with the music.  On Sunday we caught the end of Songs of Praise on tv and heard a congregation singing ‘10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)’.  I found a recording on You Tube of Matt Redman playing this song, wondered why it was giving me tingles and then remembered singing it for the first time at the London Women’s Convention last October.  It was so beautiful to hear hundreds of women at the LWC raising their voices in praise – especially when the band stopped playing and the hall was filled with the sound of singing – a spine tingling moment!

It’s amazing the effect music can have on mood and thoughts.  Even while I was searching for the recording of Matt Redman’s uplifting song I got diverted into listening to something that I like but know in my heart is not a good influence on my thoughts or feelings. Rather reluctantly I brought to mind Paul’s great piece of advice in his letter to the Philippians:

Finally, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.

It’s good to seek out what is helpful in influencing thoughts and attitudes and equally worth the effort to reject any influences (musical, literary, cinematic) that can lead to destructive, selfish thinking (and those influences will be different for each of us).  Not always easy to apply, but I find Philippians 4:8 is a useful test to put against what I choose to listen to, read or watch.

Allison 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your quilt top and getting it ready for quilting. I haven’t seen your method of putting the quilt sandwich together for basting before. That looks a lot easier than crawling around on the floor – I don’t think I have a table that would work though.
    Going to see the tribute band must have been great. I have been to very few concerts in my life but we saw Fleetwood Mac in Saskatoon in about the mid 80’s – love their music !
    I stumbled across a fun paper piecing block that I’m going to go try – just one… I think it has 14 pieces in a 7″ block. Maybe I’ll put on some FM. Music really does soothe the wild beast ( I know that’s a mis-quote, just me being silly ) :)))))

  2. Thank you Colleen! How lovely for you to have that memory of seeing FM live. We are very fortunate to have a modern concert hall right in our town but you know how it is, when something’s on your doorstep you just don’t make use of it? We really should go see more. Hope you enjoy a good sing-a-long while you are paper piecing!


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