Learning and Teaching

Back in January I chose my word for 2018: LEARN. Patchwork and quilting embraces a great array of techniques and there is always more to discover, skills to be practiced along the way and a constant supply of new books and online tutorials to delve into.
As well as continuing to learn and practice different aspects of P&Q I am also learning to share my skills and knowledge through teaching classes and workshops. It was way back in 2010 when I got the P&Q bug. I joined North Hampshire Quilters and signed up for the Beginners Course being run by two members of the group, Flip and Chris. With three other beginners I discovered how to make a patchwork quilt right from the accurate quarter inch seam, how to rotary cut… through to labeling and binding a quilt.

Beginners Sampler Quilt by New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
My first quilt has settled happily on the sofa-bed in my sewing room/guest room.

Move forward eight years and it’s my turn to be leading a workshop – guiding participants through the steps to create the blocks of the Chocolatier BOM. Last month we were making hourglass blocks. I made hourglass blocks as part of my beginners sampler quilt and as I drew up guidance notes it struck me just what a privilege it is to be passing on a technique that I first learned in a beginners class (and yes! Flip and Chris I still have your class notes in the folder :-)). Here are my first Hour Glass blocks used to make the Ohio Star in my Beginners Sampler Quilt – there are quite a few points missing 😉

Here are my samples ready for the Chocolatier workshop:
Chocolatier BOM 10 by New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
The Chocolatier BOM workshops are drawing to a close as we are now putting together the final component blocks before creating the quilt top BUT it’s not too late to sign up for the BOM, Viv is still cutting up fabric and sending out packages to new recruits!
Chocolatier Block of the month by Gen X Quilter, available at Purple Stitches, UK
Purple Stitches rainbow version of the Chocolatier BOM Quilt

There is another Beginners Course is scheduled to begin at Purple Stitches and I’m so looking forward to sharing the ins and outs of making a patchwork quilt with a new group of budding quilters. And it won’t just be them learning, I’m sure to learn too: improving my teaching; discovering different ways to solve problems; looking in awe at more fascinating print and colour combinations brought to the cutting table by the students. Below is a gallery of quilts created by students during the past four courses. Amazing the variations possible from such a simple patchwork 🙂

Beginners Course 2017 (1 & 2) by Allison Reid

The three quilts above were finished in December 2017 – you can see the original Beginners Quilt hanging in the background of one of the photos. And finally, the recently graduated first Beginners Class of 2018:

I’m so pleased that everyone finished their quilts and left with plans (and fabric) for their next quilts. Happy days 🙂
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