Jelly Roll Waves QAL – It’s A Finish!

Wahoo! I finished a quilt! In fact I had a bit of a Groundhog Day – a finished quilt, faithful quilt holder-uppers and a sunny National Trust garden 🙂

Jelly Roll Waves finished with holder-uppers by Allison Reid
‘Coral Sea’ my version of the Jelly Roll Waves quilt…and my quilt holder-uppers! 😀

And the Groundhog Day….Two weeks ago we were visiting Kingston Lacy with the freshly finished ‘Summer Lovin’ quilt:

Square in a Square front at Kingston Lacy by Allison Reid
Summer Lovin’ Quilt 2 finished September 2019

So, yesterday morning I managed to machine stitch the binding to my version of Myra Brynes’ Jelly Roll Waves quilt. Within half an hour of the final stitch piercing the quilt we were on the road heading east to Nymans house and gardens in Sussex.

Nymans house by Allison Reid

Before I take you on a stroll round Nymans gardens here are a few more photos of the finished quilt:

Jelly Roll Waves finished front by Allison Reid

Jelly Roll Waves finished back by Allison Reid

I’ve called my Jelly Roll Waves quilt ‘Coral Seas’ to reference the sea green colours, the wavy design and quilting pattern paired with the coral coloured background and binding fabrics. Thanks to Myra for hosting the QAL – the pattern was easy to follow and offered many options both in finished quilt size and in methods of cutting and piecing.

Back to Nymans (I hope I am not making you dizzy with all this whizzing about?). The gardens were developed by the Messel family who collected and nurtured plants from all around the world. Sadly in 1947 a fire devastated the house leaving only a few rooms habitable. Now the roofless ruins form a backdrop to the mature gardens.

Nymans house from the gardens by Allison Reid

Nymans tree shadows by Allison Reid

Nymans walking by the borders by Allison Reid

Nymans Anniversary Couple by Daniel Reid
What a lovely day to be celebrating our 32nd Wedding Anniversary 🙂

Nymans border detail by Allison Reid

Don’t these warm, sunny September days feel like a real bonus as Summer slips into Autumn? So lovely to have enjoyed one of these end of season days in such a peaceful outdoor setting.

Linking with Myra and the Jelly Roll QAL where you can see the quilt finishes by other makers. Also with Michelle for the Beauties Pageant 🙂 (Michelle’s post is all about pieced backs for quilts) and Alycia for Finished or Not Finished Friday 🙂 – Alycia was one of the participants in the Jelly Roll Waves QAL.



6 thoughts on “Jelly Roll Waves QAL – It’s A Finish!

    • It was a beautiful day. I am really enjoying making pieced backs. It does add to the time it takes to complete a quilt – I spend ages crawling around on the floor trying different layouts and then stitching all those long seams together – but somehow a pieced back does add a little extra to the finished quilt.


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