I-Spy a Finish and a Quick Sale

I’m still not managing to write blog posts in chronological order but I’m determined to share a finish (from two weeks ago) even though it’s now Saturday so I’m chasing the Friday finishes linky deadlines too! So without further ado here is the ‘I-Spy Shadow’ quilt (so named as the novelty fabrics in each square can be used to make the quilt into a game of ‘I-Spy With My Little Eye…’ and the quilt blocks are supposed to create the 3D illusion of the squares being raised up and casting shadows).

I-Spy Shadows
Corner of I-Spy Shadow quilt showing striped binding fabric
I enjoyed using the pirate fabric (Pirate Ships by Makower) in the pieced backing

I put the last stitches in the label whilst taking my turn behind the counter at the pop up craft shop on Monday 24th October; determined to add the quilt to my display that day. I was really excited to discover that the following weekend the quilt was purchased by a grandmother who was genuinely delighted to be purchasing it to gift to a member of her family 🙂

Star runners: Autumn, Spring and Summer

Stocking my shelf space in the shop is keeping me busy in the sewing room. This week I finally finished a trio of table runners; there are a couple more in a very different style just requiring their bindings sewn down; and there is a Christmas themed runner on the design wall! But I’m not feeling pushed into ‘making things to sell’ instead I’ve managed to use the need to keep my selling space replenished and fresh-looking as an opportunity to try new techniques, patterns and fabric combinations. I’m seeking the balance between designing ‘commercial hits’ whilst maintaining the creative freedom this craft allows me to express (if that doesn’t sound too grand – I hope you know what I mean?). I guess that is a balance requiring compromise but I’m fortunate to be a ‘hobby crafter’ when all is said and done, so if I enjoy making something and it doesn’t sell I’m not facing a loss of livelihood.

Hopefully I’m not too late to link this finish post with Amanda Jean’s Finish it Up Friday and add my five happy things from this week to link with Amanda for Five Things Friday.

  1. The amazing display of Autumn colour – I posted photos of my walk into town on Monday.img_2387
  2. Spending a day with friends 🙂
  3. Being able to keep in touch with our children via text – gone are the days of saving coins for the weekly chat on a public pay phone!
  4. Seeing – and smelling – roses blooming in November.img_2221
  5. Being reminded that God’s promises for us and His world are completely trustworthy unlike the promises made by politicians – ‘whew’ and Amen to that!

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “I-Spy a Finish and a Quick Sale

  1. Love your autumn colors… and the fact that you are still enjoying roses in November. The Indian summer this fall has been wonderful here in CO, but we need moisture very badly. Your pop up craft shop sounds like something I have been looking for in my area, with no luck. Have a blessed week.

    • Thank you Melva. The pop up shop was initiated by two enterprising crafter’s who pursued the mall management to lease an empty shop for minimal rent for just 3 months. This is the 6th time the shop has ‘popped up’ and there are 47 crafter’s sharing the space, each volunteering around 3 hours a week to work in the shop.


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