Observation + evaluation = Creative process?

IMG_0234Another week has flashed by!  Seven days ago I posted this photo of six fabrics from two fat quarter packs.  I’d rotary cut the fat quarters into 5″ squares with the intention of making random ninepatch blocks.  I did that pretty quickly, laid out the blocks on my design wall floor and decided my original plan wasn’t going to produce an appealing quilt top.  I had intended to slice the blocks into quarters and make a ‘disappearing ninepatch’ quilt top but looking at those blocks made of such distinctive fabrics I concluded that cutting them up into smaller squares and rectangles would create a confused rather than harmonious whole.

Stepping back and taking a good look at the project led me to change course; leaving the ninepatch blocks intact, stitching them together into a 2 x 6 formation.  I added a 2½” border all the way round using the strips of fabric left from cutting up the original fat quarters and I’m happy with the resulting quilt top.


I know this is not much of an example of the creative process at work (see Melanie or Rachel for in depth creativity and evaluation) but as I’ve been following the blogs of other patchwork quilters it does seem a fairly common way for designs to evolve and for us makers to practice adaptability and the skills of observation and evaluation as we create new things.  I wonder which other words should be added into the creative process equation?  Inspiration, imagination, problem-solving…?

I hope you are gaining satisfaction from developing your creative talents as you adapt design plans when the fabrics or whatever medium you work with cause a project to evolve into a new creation!


4 thoughts on “Observation + evaluation = Creative process?

  1. I think the end result is very fresh and pretty! I cut a bunch of 5″ squares the other day, with intentions for them that didn’t seem like they’d work. Now I have 2 new placemats (of 4.5″ finish squares) and plans for a couch quilt from all the extras I’d cut. It’s okay — not what I planned, but I don’t mind. 🙂 Thanks for the link.

  2. Sometimes simplest ideas work out the best . Don’t over complicate the pattern and let the fabric speak for itself . I love your design floor , I have one of those too

  3. It is interesting to hear how you arrive at your finished top ! I think the more we do and look and listen ect. broadens our experience that we bring to our next project.
    I would like to add evolve, transform, metamorphosing – I think it is important to be flexible when you are creating and allow your ideas to develope, perhaps differently than what you first envisioned.
    I’ve started a new project that started with 8.5″ , well actually 10″ squares and has morphed into something else too !


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