How is it Friday already?

Another week is drawing to a close and May is half way done already! This lockdown is doing strange things to my perception of time. It certainly isn’t helping me resist my natural inclination to procrastinate! Every little task has become something I could do tomorrow!

Today I’m trying to give myself a ‘positivity boost’ – maybe I just need someone to give me a kick?

Anyhow! Rewind to yesterday. I kept myself busy by working away in my sewing room: an exercise in writing a pattern alongside cutting fabrics and putting together blocks for a quilt top. I was doing well until I got stuck choosing fabric for the borders of the quilt top…

First thing this morning I popped into the sewing room and stitched the blocks together to complete the centre of the little quilt. As an aside, me and Julie the Juki are getting on well: I can now wind bobbins and re-thread Julie without having to refer to the instruction manual 🙂 

I stuck the partially completed quilt top back on the design wall along with the auditioning border fabrics. Wonder of wonders, I came to a snap decision! I’m going to use unbleached calico for the borders and (probably) the bright blue/green fabric on the right as the binding… As all the fabrics I used for the blocks had been pre-washed I decided to cut a length of calico and rinse it before cutting it to size. It’s on the washing line now, blowing in the breeze 🙂

After this unexpected leap from procrastination to decisive decision-making I girded my loins and switched on the neglected laptop. Almost immediately I was plunged into a mire of self-doubt. All these super-productive quilting bloggers producing such amazing quilts with such perfect colour and fabric selection. Why do I bother? Maybe I should just buy fabric kits and make quilts where all the decisions have been made in advance by someone else?

Oh! Dear! Positivity taking a slide… Time to move away from the laptop, make a pot of coffee and take a wander round the garden!

My little temporary ‘greenhouse’ is fit to bursting! The beans are growing through the wire shelving and tangling themselves around each other and the other plants. Definitely time for them to be transferred to the allotment. Unfortunately we have had three frosty mornings this week so I have had to wait (not procrastinate!) to make the move.


Self-seeded Foxgloves and yellow poppies are bringing colour to the garden at the moment. The bees enjoy the Foxgloves and have been visiting the Raspberry canes too – some of the flowers have set to fruit already!

The poppies are fun, travelling all round the garden and filling in along the side the house!




How are you doing in this protracted lock-down? Are you finding your natural tendencies to productivity or procrastination accentuated by the situation? Or maybe you are using the time to form fresh habits, bringing about changes to carry forward beyond lock-down?

Whatever, I hope you are coping with the emotional ups and downs – hour by hour, day by day. I’m finding comfort and stability through reading the book of Psalms. The writers of these songs/poems are very open in their honest assessment of their own feelings with many ups and downs alongside descriptions of good times and bad times. Whatever the initial mood shared in the opening verses of a Psalm the writers always remind themselves to look back and remember God’s faithfulness, telling themselves and us to, “Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait on the Lord.” (Psalm 31: 24).

Linking with Kelly who is sharing her windy free motion quilting over at My Quilt Infatuation.


Finishing with a flourish… Indoors our Amarylis is blooming, surrounded by geraniums!




5 thoughts on “How is it Friday already?

  1. I am an essential worker, therefore the pandemic has not slowed down my life at all. I am jealous of those who can stay home and, as you say, sew up all of their wonderful projects, and clean up their cluttered spaces. Oh…to have the time to be home! I so wish!
    Allison, you must allow your own sense of creativity and color to shine! The internet can be so inspiring and so overwhelming! I don’t want to see just the over achievers and the award winners! I want to see and to learn from those, such as yourself, who take it upon themselves to grow and to share what they are learning. I want to learn (and I am) from the scrap busters (Really…anything goes!???), and the embellishers. There is a time for admiration and appreciation of the aspects of the art that I will never do, and there is a time for playing…to create simply for the fun of it, and the joy it brings just to my own soul. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of what I am doing (okay…it does, but it shouldn’t…creativity is personal).
    The garden, and the Book of Faith…two great places to go for renewal and solace! More and more…we need that. Step away and take time to recharge.

    You are doing great! 🙂

    • Oh boy! Essential workers like yourself are having the toughest time.I do appreciate how lock-down gives very different experiences. I have a friend who is in a kind of halfway place with it as she is classed as an essential worker but her place of work has been temporarily closed. She has so enjoyed having a few weeks at home to do all those things that you’d love to be doing too.
      Thanks so much for your wise and encouraging message. I am slowly taking on board the truth that making imperfect things is the way to learn and also that not everyone is going to like what I make – perfectly executed or not!


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