How does my garden grow? (1)

Just as an aside: Those of us in our fifties and beyond agree that the weeks, months and years all fly by far faster than they ever used to. My question is, ‘As that is the case, how come Winter seems to last twice as long as it ever used to?’ Being cold and trying to get warm and snug have now become tiresome, bring on the warm weather 🙂 Soon, please!

We’ve had some tantalising warm(ish) days dotted through the more typical cold wet ones, Winter is loosing it’s grip but fights back with blasts of icy Arctic wind or storms straight off the Atlantic.

Out and about there are hopeful signs of Spring; flowers, a few daring leaves, the birds are collecting nesting materials and the hours of daylight have increased significantly.

Those signs of Spring are spurring me on to think about sowing seeds and to getting on with making the quilt I’ve entered into the Gardener’s World category at the Quilts UK show, Malvern, in May (eek! not so far away now!).





So, the exclusive, big reveal, the first four blocks are complete and the second set of four are under construction. Drum roll…

Gardener’s World corner blocks

I’m doing my best to be methodical, finalising the block designs and cutting instructions as I go; neatly storing the print outs, after scribbling reminders and notes, in a folder. Here’s hoping my very organised daughter will be impressed with my system when she visits next week – even if the sewing room is a bit of mess and we have to scrape layers of ‘must sort this outs’ off the sofa bed before we can sit, stitch and natter!

Linking with other quilters via Lorna’s Let’s Bee Social.




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