Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

Gracious! I try and keep my blog writing more or less in step with what is happening in the quilty side of life but there is so much going on here in the UK that I’m finding it impossible not to let the mood of real life colour the quilty blog bubble. Several times I have begun and then erased substantial portions of this post as events race along.
I’ve found working in the garden and the allotment have provided some relief from the news bulletins :

Less than three weeks ago we in the UK were trying to absorb the result of the General Election which unexpectedly produced a ‘hung parliament’ – the winning party failed to gain a majority of seats. This has just added to an air of uncertainty in the UK: first with last year’s Brexit vote and all the provisos that are created by that, followed by the three chilling terrorist attacks – and then, suddenly and awfully, the dreadful fire in the residential block in London. And even since then another terrorist incident in the capital alongside continued political disunity.
These events and the air of uncertainty have got me thinking about hope. I am slowly re-reading The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien. It wasn’t until I saw the films that I was struck by the twin threads of hope and despair running through the trilogy. There are many times when a character will express either hope or despair as the battle between good and evil ebbs and flows. At times of despair a fellow character will often counter with a few words of hope or the promise of continued support, in so doing somehow bringing light into a dark situation.
On the morning of her Official Birthday and just a few hours before participating in the spectacle of Trooping the Colour our Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II, summed up the mood of the nation in this message:

Today is traditionally a day of celebration. This year, however, it is difficult to escape a very sombre national mood. In recent months, the country has witnessed a succession of terrible tragedies.
As a nation, we continue to reflect and pray for all those who have been directly affected by these events. During recent visits in Manchester and London, I have been profoundly struck by the immediate inclination of people throughout the country to offer comfort and support to those in desperate need.
Put to the test, the United Kingdom has been resolute in the face of adversity. United in our sadness, we are equally determined, without fear or favour, to support all those rebuilding lives so horribly affected by injury and loss.
17 June 2017


As a Christian I am not ashamed to say my feelings about the events and circumstances of present day UK are preoccupying my thoughts and at times making me feel rather crushed and helpless – it is at just such moments that the timeless promises of the Bible come to give us a heaven-bound, eternal perspective on present day events. Last Sunday in Church we sang a hymn that lifted my thoughts and helped me regain more of the ‘big picture’ assurance that God is in charge now as He was at the beginning and as He will be at the end.

I will trust to God’s big picture knowing ultimately His goodness will be triumphant. The issue for this moment is to be at peace in that sure hope. The peace offered by God is not the peace of passivity and it certainly does not promise pain-free living rather it allows for a sure hope in the certain promise of faultless justice being exercised by Jesus at the end of time. This is a great reason to carry on the fight now – both on a practical and a spiritual level.
Back to quilty business next time 🙂 Just couldn’t continue sharing quilty news without making reference to all that’s been happening around us over the past few months.

0 thoughts on “Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

  1. Hi Allison . . . sometimes all we can do is hang on and repeat “this too shall pass”. Keeping looking up and in all things rejoice! The Lord doesn’t promise us a life free from heartache and worry but the strength and grace to go through it. Have a blessed day!

  2. The last few weeks have been very unsettling. Hopefully the Big Picture comes through soon. Loving your allotment photos , and also your recent heart quilt

  3. Thank you for your words of hope.
    My prayers are with you and your country.
    I try to remain hopeful that my country will soon survive the crisis that is brought on by this embarrassment and dangerous person who was elected in November.

  4. Thank you, Alison. I have just shared your blog with my husband. We feel that you have accurately summed up Christian life in the UK today. It is confusing, but our faith and continued prayer will sustain us. Bless you.


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