Glue-Baste-It: Discovering new sewing notions

My little basket of applique and English Paper Piecing notions is almost fit to bursting! Funny how each branch of patchwork quilting calls for another collection of bits and bobs 🙂 My latest purchase is a 2oz bottle of Roxanne Glue-Baste-It.


Ridiculously expensive for something that looks suspiciously like PVA glue but HeyHo I was sold on the precision dropper that administers dots of glue little bigger than a pin head.

I’m using Glue-Baste-It to temporarily adhere my EPP pieces in place on the background fabric. I had been using the SewLine glue pen.

This was fine for basting the fabric to the paper shapes but was proving to be a bit of a blunt instrument for sticking the basted shapes to the background. I was finding it difficult to remove the papers from the back of the work because I’d got glue on the paper as well as the fabric.

Here are my first dots of Glue-Baste-It. The ‘needle’ dropper was easy to use:

Lessons learned so far:

  • Glue-Baste-It does take a couple of minutes to dry – I had to press the EPP shapes quite firmly onto the backing fabric to make sure they were securely adhered.
  • Having pressed those pieces firmly I discovered the glue had soaked through the background fabric and stuck it to the layout template behind! Oops! Note to self: lift the fabric off the paper layout template while the glue is drying!

I was curious to find out how to prevent the fine needle dropper becoming clogged with dried glue. This video by Dierdra McElroy answered all my questions. I used her method to puff the glue out of the dropper and then rinsed it in warm water just to be sure…

Do you use glue for basting? Have you found it washes out of the fabric without leaving marks or any sort of residue?

Linking with Kelly for Needle & Thread Thursday. Kelly is sharing her latest project and a colourful gallery of quilts from last week’s linky.


2 thoughts on “Glue-Baste-It: Discovering new sewing notions

  1. Excellent synopsis for using Glue Baste It. I have even gone on the video to hopefully unclog mine. Kim Diehl was recently also had a video about using it for her applique pieces. She also will press with an iron to dry it quicker. Thanks


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