From design to stitching (and a whoops)

First the whoops! I only discovered this morning that yesterday I accidentally published a draft of the next Saturday Quilting Bring & Share post. What can I say? Me and technology! Sorry if you received an email notification of the post and then wondered what on earth was going on.

Dashes, dots and crosses on the design wall by Allison ReidHo! Hum! Back to the sewing machine. A few weeks ago I designed a quilt and decided to delve into my stash of fabrics, first to make a test block and then to make a little quilt of sixteen 9″ blocks. On Monday I really got down to it – stitching all the blocks together and considering what to do about borders. I tried a few combos from the stash but none was quite right so I walked over to HobbyCraft and found a blue that would ‘do’.







Making up a quilt top from a design is a great way to discover little (and sometimes not so little) glitches and an opportunity to work out solutions to add into a pattern. I had plenty of opportunity to practice accuracy with snowball corners (I do find it tricky to keep the unit square…); I discovered I should have pressed open some of the seams – the blocks would have stitched together much more easily than they did as many of the seams were pressed to one side; and from its behaviour I reckon the blue floral is not 100% cotton so it’s been tricky to stitch and isn’t pressing well.



HobbyCraft fat quarters by Allison ReidWhile I was at HobbyCraft I bought six identical fat quarter packs. I’m going to use the fabrics to make the quilt again, this time scaled up to 12″ blocks. I’ll be taking on board the lessons learned from the first quilt top: namely I’m going to starch the snowball fabrics to see if I can keep the units square, I’m going to press the seams open and I’ve ensured all the fabrics are of the same weight and 100% cotton.





Frankenstein wadding by Allison ReidIn preparation for quilting I’ve used the remainder of the blue border fabric and a piece from my stash to make the backing. I’ve joined two pieces of wadding together using a large zig-zag stitch. Pinning the two pieces along the length of the join prevents them shifting to create an uneven join (ask me how I know this…). This is quite puffy Hobbs Poly-Down wadding, not my first choice but what I had available and it’s good to use up stash, right?

If you’d like to keep up to date with the progress I’m making with this quilt and other projects please do find me on Instagram, @allisonreid.neweverymorning 

Before any more stitching though I’m going down to Church for our fortnightly women’s Bible study meeting, Focus. I’m helping in the creche today which should be lovely as we have three tiny new additions to our Church family who will surely be in need of cuddles 🙂 This terms Bible studies are focused on the Old Testament book of Ruth. It’s a short, narrative read and is like an oasis of calm; a ‘micro’ history of a family and community behaving well in a time when the ‘macro’ history surrounding it is turbulent, full of corruption and poor leadership. It feels very relevant for today as we struggle on in our small scale circumstances surrounded by the big political world which seems to be spiraling downwards with leaders who appear distant from the impact of both their decisions and indecision. Looking with a New Testament perspective the book of Ruth carries a wonderful legacy: Ruth and her husband, Boaz, each made good decisions in the small scale context of their families and community which were to have a monumental impact on world history. Their direct descendants include King David and Jesus Christ himself (see the genealogy at the beginning of Mathew’s Gospel). So though it may be tempting to throw our hands up in despair at what is happening on the national and international scenes I think it is inspiring to know that our actions, which may seem small scale and of little import, could have lasting effect not only on our families and communities but also on our nations, even the world, in generations to come. Maybe a bit scary but also, I hope, inspiring. 😀

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  1. It’s great that you are working through your design to improve how it’s constructed! I’m sure you’ll do better with the 12″ version although this one looks pretty good to me! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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