Fresh Project, New Sharps

Starting a shiny new project can be so energising and exciting! It’s taken a while to get my latest one underway but finally there are some blocks on the design wall 🙂


I’ve read how lots of quilters celebrate ending a project by tidying their sewing space, dusting the lint out of their machine and replacing the needle. I like to do these things too. Yesterday I began the new project in a relatively tidy room, with all evidence of previous projects tidied into scrap baskets and stash bins. After clearing the fluff out of the bobbin race I changed the needle on my machine and even replaced the blade of my rotary cutter. Again, that age old question, ‘Why wait so long to change the blade?’. Cutting with the new one was so pleasurable, ‘knife through butter’ and all that, it even sounded nicer!

Collection of sharpsI keep all my used sharps in their original containers in a little plastic box, always wondering just how to dispose of them responsibly? I know a young man who works in the environment department of our local council and I finally remembered to ask his advice whilst serving him coffee after a Sunday morning church service. He informed me that all the non-recyclable waste from our area is incinerated.

After collection, all of the rubbish from Basingstoke and Deane is taken to the Chineham Energy Recovery Facility (ERF). The ERF is capable of processing 90,000 tonnes of waste per year and recovers heat energy from the waste to produce steam. This is used to generate up to 8MWs of electricity, supplying the National Grid with sufficient electricity to power more than 10,000 local homes for the life of the facility.

The advice given re. the disposal of sharps is to wrap needles, blades etc carefully – bearing in mind the safety of the refuse collection teams – and then put them in the waste bin to be incinerated. I guess different councils and districts have their own policies on safe disposal of sharps, do you know the policy in your area?

Of course fresh sharps have their dangers! Midway through a fabric cut I was distracted by a ringing telephone – a moments lost concentration and a trip to the first aid box was required!

Finger and cutter!

My word for 2017 is ‘venture’. My ventures are very tame in comparison to those of explorers and the like but none-the-less I do intend to venture beyond what I know, risking feeling uncomfortable and experiencing some failures along the way.

The venturing spirit of 2017 has so far led to me agreeing to take some more patchwork and quilting classes at my lqs (‘local quilt store’ – I know, lingo and everything :-D). The quilt examples were wrapped and delivered to Purple Stitches this morning. Do check out Viv’s website for details of classes – they are starting in less than a fortnight! Alongside the classes is the work I’ve been doing on the computer; writing class notes and formulating a style to use in the patterns I’m venturing to produce. So, venturing on the computer… here is a bit of gratuitous computering, just to show I am trying new things and learning: this is my first export image from EQ7 to my blog – Ta! Da!

soft-coloured-tube-quiltIf you are wondering about the ‘how’ of this magical transfer then here is how: in EQ7 I found the ‘export’ button in the ‘file’ dropdown box – the advice is to export as a jpeg so I took that option. Then, I thought, ‘I’ve no idea where this file has been exported to!’ Call teenage son… a few clicks later and we found the image in ‘my documents’ in a file called ‘My EQ7 – images’. My next challenge is to remember all this once said son returns to University!




And finally, I’m reading Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey and being amused as all the genteel goings-on are described with Jane Austen’s usual razor sharp wit filtered through the rose-tinted vision of her rather bemused heroine. I had to check the meaning of a word I read this morning, ‘egregious’ (as defined by the Cambridge dictionary):


UK /ɪˈɡriː.dʒəs/ US /ɪˈɡriː.dʒəs/ formal disapproving

It was an egregious error for a statesman to show such ignorance.

Jane Austen used the word in describing Catherine’s reaction to a suitor, ‘…and his assertion of the offer and of her encouragement convinced her that his mistakes could sometimes be very egregious’. Hum! In the light of modern day political events maybe a word that means ‘extremely bad in a way that is very noticeable’ might just find it’s way back into common use?

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Project, New Sharps

  1. Congratulations on your learning curve with EQ7. I love the program; should use it more!
    Your quilt is so soft and pretty!
    May you have many more wonderful ventures in 2017!


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