Do I have enough scraps?

Bin of pink scraps by Allison ReidDo I have a enough scraps? 😀 Well! As it happens, yes I do! Earlier this year I made a scrap quilt (see photo at bottom of this post) combining Amanda Jean Nyberg’s excellent Scrap Vortex method with a leader-ender technique. Low and behold it turns out that making one scrap quilt doesn’t get anywhere near resolving the issue of overflowing scrap boxes… So, I embarked on another scrap quilt, this time using a pink colour scheme rather than blue.

Basically I’ve just kept a bin of scraps next to my sewing machine and as I’ve been piecing projects I’ve been using pairs of scraps as my leaders and enders (those little pieces of fabric used at the beginning and end of a seam to improve stitch quality and save thread). Once I had a good collection of scrap pairs stitched together I pressed the seams and stitched the paired units together – my new, slightly bigger, leaders and enders. These double pairs of fabric then became a little project of their own. Every now and again I’d take a break from a ‘main’ project, dip into the bag and chain piece some scrap blocks.

Scrap block by Allison Reid
Can you see the 7 pairs of scraps in this block? Some are sewn together on the long seam others on the short – there’s an orphan half square triangle thrown in for good measure!

Now I have scrap blocks each measuring about 12″ square (although some are long rectangles and others are only about 6″ square-ish). Time to make the scrap quilt my main project! It’s fun pairing up these blocks: no seams to match, no pins required; just find two similar sized pieces, trim edges straight with a rotary cutter and stitch. Chain piecing makes the blocks grow fast.

Pressing scrap blocks by Allison Reid
Pressing the scrap blocks – my knitted hedgehog is on quality control duties!

A quick press of the seams and the blocks are back up on the design wall for another round of pairing, trimming, stitching and pressing 🙂

Scrap blocks on the design wall by Allison Reid

I enjoy the way this scrap project quietly runs along side other projects before gaining enough momentum to emerge as a project in it’s own right. My plan is to put together the quilt top before the end of this week. I had a few thoughts about borders overnight (I know I’m not the only patchwork quilter who lies awake at night thinking about such things – right?!). Exciting – no idea what this quilt will finish up like! Just full of wonder that such an assortment of scraps can meld together so pleasantly.

Here is the scrap quilt I made earlier in the year:

Blue scrap quilt by Allison Reid

Never thought I’d be making two scrap quilts in one year – well! best not count my chickens! I’m not that reliable at finishing projects…

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7 thoughts on “Do I have enough scraps?

  1. I adore scrappy quilts and both of yours are fabulous. I love how all that colour and pattern meld together, resulting in harmony. I am supposing your scrap bucket is still overflowing?? I know mine is.


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