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Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. It’s lovely to back πŸ™‚ Hope you have enjoyed a peaceful Easter break. Bring along your projects and share in the tips, tutorials and news to be found via our Worldwide Quilting Community. If you click on any of the links below do leave an encouraging comment wherever you visit to help grow the Community good-vibes πŸ™‚

As usual I’ve been working on more than one project at a time 😌 But there is progress to share. I finished quilting another Trip Around the Stars quilt as part of my investigation into the spray baste vs pin baste debate – read more about that here. Yesterday I made the binding and hope to finish the quilt in the next few days.

I also made progress on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. Feeling a bit tired and in need of a session of ‘no-brainer’ stitching I remembered the RSC and then 😳 realised I hadn’t made the yellow-gold blocks for March and didn’t even know the colour for April! So that was a good bit of motivation.

The blocks came together quickly and I even found time to delve into my pink scraps (for pink, so it transpires, is the colour for April), cutting 1Β½” strips ready for another peddle-to-the-metal sewing session.

Here are the links into our Worldwide Quilting Community. I hope you find plenty of interest:

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is the inspiration behind one of Cynthia’s scrap projects. Every month she makes placemats from fabric scraps. Later in the year she will donate them to a local meals on wheels charity who will gift a placemat to recipients of one of their holiday meals.

Christa Watson’s series of YouTube videos are great if you are fairly new to patchwork quilting or want to try a different technique (she shares plenty of tips for more experienced patchwork quilters too). In the latest video she takes us through the method of making a quilt, start to finish using one of the free patterns, Puzzle Box, available from her website.

Sometimes scrolling through Instagram does bear fruit…. My scrolling stopped when I saw a wonderful version of the Modern Squares quilt being show cased by Judy Gula. I found her website and enjoyed reading the guest post by the quilt designer/maker Christine Vinh. She used a selection of very colourful fabrics called ‘Earth Made Paradise’ by Kathy Doughty. The pattern is ideal if you are puzzling over how to use a collection of busy, large scale prints to best effect in a quilt. Needless to say I have the pattern download and have added it to my ‘must make’ list!

Patty has created the illusion of curves in the careful placing of her Half Rectangle blocks. It is a very striking design in her colour choices of black and wasabi.

Linda’s Seaglass modern applique quilt displays her usual great colour choice and placement of fabrics with really effective free motion quilting designs. I’m so glad there is such a wealth of inspiration and knowledge made readily available by talented textile artists who are generous enough to blog about the processes they employ.

Leader-Ender projects quietly grow in the background while other projects are being worked on. Katy’s leader-ender quilt has 1,368 squares lovingly stitched together. I don’t need to tell you that Katy is a prolific quilt maker!

Forget Me Not is a new fabric line by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew. Go to her blog post to see the new fabrics and catch a glimpse of the new patterns she’s designed to showcase the collection.



Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (282)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. I hope you have time to accept the invitation to bring along a project or two and enjoy sharing in some of the inspiring posts published by members of our Worldwide Quilting Community. Just click on the links below to begin your journey through quilty wonderland πŸ™‚ Leave some encouraging comments along the way and keep the goodness flowing πŸ™‚

This afternoon I spent an hour tidying my sewing room. I had four projects on the go – two of which were at the quilting stage. Space was at a premium and I just felt I couldn’t move literally or figuratively. One of the projects is at the ‘making a quilt top’ stage, I completed all the blocks for this on Thursday. I’ve given myself a deadline for the project (I’m not great at working to deadlines but sometimes it’s the best way to push a project forwards isn’t it?). I’m making a Plaid-ish Quilt, using the free pattern by Erica Jackman aka @kitchentablequilting. I’ve made all 63 blocks required for the full size, 64″ x 82″ quilt but I’m not sure I’ll make it that big – it would create quite a quilting challenge! It’s an interesting pattern relying on good contrast between fabrics of light, medium and dark value.

Here are my blocks for the Plaid-ish quilt, starting with the light blocks:

Then the medium value blocks:

Followed by the dark value blocks:

And here’s just twenty of the sixty-three blocks on my design wall:

It looks over-the-top busy to the naked eye but in a photograph the pattern seems to emerge more clearly and the whole thing appears less chaotic! I think the dark blocks would have been a better contrast without the royal blue squares – I should have found some more dark blues. Amazingly enough I had to buy a total of a metre of dark blue fabrics to complete the blocks as I’d actually used all my stash during my campaign last year to bring to order my blue stash and scraps!

To see Erica’s tutorial and download the Plaid-ish pattern click here. There’s a Plaid-ish QAL about to start on Instagram, go to @jessicaquilter to find out more. And, of course, use your search engine to look up images of completed Plaid-ish quilts – there’s such a variety of colourways to see πŸ™‚

Now all projects other than the Plaid-ish blocks have been cleared away I have enough space to sew and breathe without that horrible feeling of overwhelm. I have wadding and backing fabric ready to use, time to get stitching these blocks together and see if the deadline will keep me focussed to the end of this project…

Lots of great posts to read this week, here’s a selection to get you started visiting quilty bloggers around the world:

Hearts are definitely a strong theme running through patchwork quilting posts at the moment! No prizes for guessing why πŸ˜‰ I’m particularly struck by Allison’s aka Cluck Cluck Sew Heartsy pattern. I like the way her modern take on an Irish Chain gives the design depth as the squares appear to be floating across the quilt, moving in front and behind each other (Well! That’s what I see when I look at the quilt anyway!).

Another patchwork favourite has to be the star. Check out Alyce’s latest Scrap Buster Block tutorial to see how to make a patchwork from the fabric scraps you have to hand.

Melva is preparing another QAL, this time a row-by-row design. In this post she shares a few clues as to the blocks she’ll be sharing and also has a great gallery of finished projects as she’s hosting the ‘Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday’ link up.

Matching repeats in a fabric print can be quite a head-scratcher. Michelle explains how she gets a pattern to match for a quilt backing in her post.

If your WIPs are creating a sense of overwhelm then reading this article about getting them organized could provide just the motivation you need to cut through the problem, resulting in a do-able plan to tackle the pile(s) of trouble πŸ™‚

Rachel showcases three quilts made by clients of her long-arm quilting service. The quilts are all labours of love and Rachel’s quilting enhances the patchwork beautifully.

Happy Stitching!



Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (275)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. Please do bring along your projects(s) and join in the sharing of tips, news and inspiration by members of our Worldwide Quilting Community. Use the links below to jump down into the rabbit warren and find your way to some like-minded makers or enjoy the challenge of looking into less familiar branches of the craft of patchwork quilting.

I have had my mind set on pushing three separate projects to a finish. My motivation has been a desire to clear the project clutter from my sewing room. I need to give my mind space to rest before moving on to something different. I actually don’t know what I want to make once these three are finished. This is a new and rather strange place for me to be. Usually I have a whole list of shiny new projects I’m itching to

Read more

Writing Patchwork Patterns and Dreaming of Dandelions

Hey! Ho! I spent Bank Holiday Monday in my sewing room pushing through writers/quilters block to get my latest pattern ‘done’. No surprise that the pattern isn’t DONE but – putting on positivity hat – progress has been made. It took a lot of concentration and what felt like endless rounds of jumping from a printed draft, to the laptop, to my sewing machine and over to the photographic light tent…

You do have permission to copy my meme and use it as many times as you like! Let’s spread the word!

…. Which leads me to this serious aside about patchwork quilt patterns. It takes a lot of time, thought, fabric and false starts to create a pattern. Respect to pattern writers who manage to create original designs, produce patterns and then market them. As patchwork quilters we know the value of a well written pattern – whether a stand alone item or one from a collection in a book. We really shouldn’t be making ‘free’ copies of these patterns to share with friends, to use for workshops, or Guild get togethers. If the pattern writer hasn’t given permission for copying then any copies are in effect stolen – copying without permission is THEFT. Do we really want to be handing out stolen goods to our friends? As well as resisting the temptation to make copies we need to find polite ways of pointing out this issue of theft whilst saying ‘no thank you’ to copied patterns whenever they are offered to us. That may mean having awkward conversations with friends and Guild workshop organisers. I know from experience this is difficult and now I feel guilty when I look through my collection of patterns and find some which were most likely copied without permission. In fact it’s about time I destroyed those dubious copies and looked out for originals to purchase (direct from the designer if possible).

Time to step down from my soap box…

Those who follow this blog will know I’m more of a ‘starter’ than a ‘finisher’ so won’t be surprised to learn that even whilst concentrating hard on writing the pattern there’s been a bit of my mind considering new projects πŸ˜€ After a day of working on the pattern I was too tired to continue so the ‘shiny new project’ part of my mind got free-rein. I have a drawer (well! two drawers actually) filled with speciality rulers, some bought with projects in mind, others acquired as magazine freebies. I’ve been toying with the idea of making a row-by-row quilt using each of these rulers in turn. Maybe in doing this I’ll find real treasure in some and be able to part with others that really don’t cut the mustard?

As I’ve recently been seeing quite a few machine pieced hexagon quilts showing up in my social media feeds I was inevitably drawn to the multi-size Hexagon Cutter I’d acquired with an issue of Today’s Quilter magazine. And lo and behold! I found a 60ΒΊ triangle ruler too! Perfect!

What about fabric? Ah! Ha! Just the job – a Charm Pack I’ve been eyeing for a while now. There’ll be a bit of waste from the 5″ charm squares as I’ll have to cut hexagons measuring 4″ by 4Β½” but much better to use the squares than have them languishing in my stash! For the triangles I auditioned several solid fabrics before choosing the blue (it is a Kona Solid, maybe ‘Evening’?).

As I was drifting off to sleep I mused about introducing negative space into the design, which led me to think of Dandelion clocks against a blue sky… 😴

This morning I tested out the rulers on a couple of spare charm squares. Hum! Correct angles but sizes not quite compatible, doh!

The triangles were slightly too big. I had to centre them by making a crease in the hexagon block. Once I’d sewn the seams I trimmed down the triangle on the left. Back to the drawing board…

Just as well this shiny new project idea isn’t too straightforward because I really MUST FINISH writing that pattern before I start another project! πŸ˜€

Linking with Judy for Design Wall Monday and Beth for Monday Making.