The final finish and looking back, up and forward

Final Finish – Here is my final pre-Christmas project finished and ready for collection.  A couple of tote bags made to the design I’ve gradually developed, based on various tutorials and pattern instructions. Looking Back – So, the end of 2015 is well and truly in sight.  As I’ve been preparing for Christmas, sometimes smiling, sometimes not, my thoughts have wandered over the past year. Back in January I … Read more

Bunting Part 2: Tutorials for ‘quick bunting’ and ‘perfectionist bunting’

In Part 1 of this post I mentioned that my bunting-making began following a request from my daughter for some bunting to hang round our little garden as part of her 16th birthday celebrations.  This bunting was a learning experience, quick to make and inexpensive. A few years later I embarked on bunting-making as a means of creating some capital in order to purchase more fabric to make cushions … Read more

Preparing course notes and hearing a challenge

This weekend’s been filled with a mix of activities all done to the backdrop of the tentative arrival of Spring.  Wall to wall sunshine yesterday had lots of people getting out and about, sorting and tidying.  We began the task of clearing our garage in readiness for it being converted into a hobby/guestroom 🙂  The back of the car quickly filled with the ‘it might come in handy’ items … Read more