An encouragement for makers of charity quilts

Just a little blog post with a link to a great story from the BBC magazine website.  I hope this lovely story of wartime charity will be an encouragement to all you generous quilters who make and donate quilts for good causes. Joseph Briddock, 79, lived through the wartime bombing of London.  He and his family lost three homes and most of their possessions in that time.  Soon after … Read more

Little projects for busy times

The craziest thing happened last week:  I ordered a patchwork and quilting book from Amazon; it duly arrived; and I didn’t look past the book’s cover for three whole days! Distraction levels must be turned up very high indeed to prevent me making a cup of coffee and sitting down to enjoy a browse through a book full of tempting, inspiring projects!   But that has been the case … Read more

Banishing the quilting monster and muses on blogging

First of all, a big thank you to the community of quilty bloggers for responding so readily to my plea for assistance with some machine quilting issues I was experiencing last week. So helpful and encouraging 🙂 I’ve continued working on the Monsters and Aliens quilt (rather than letting the quilting monster in me throw it to the back of a cupboard) and although it is not perfect I … Read more