Seasonal Colouring

In my head I can hear Blackadder‘s hapless sidekick, Baldrick, saying in his lugubrious way, “Today is the Gloomy-ist Gloomy Day in the whole history of Gloomy Days”.  This view from my sewing room window hasn’t changed all day:


Thankfully sewing has banished the Winter blues greys for me today.  I decided to take a break from the projects I’ve been working on through the week and lift the lids on my IMG_0113boxes of quilt-a-long blocks.  Making the 3rd of Alyce’s Modern HST Sampler blocks had my mind full of the sweet, bright colours of citrus fruit at the height of Summer.

The orange block was the addition to the Modern HST Sampler collection today.

Switching to the fabrics I’ve chosen to use for Amy’s Sugar Block Club blocks I was soon basking in the rich, golden light of Autumn.


For me, the link between colour hues and seasons is very strong. I wonder if it is for most of us?  All colours are part of nature so why not categorize them by season or perhaps by terrain: mountain, desert, jungle, ocean?  Twenty five years ago ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ consultations were very popular among my friendship group. A consultant would establish whether a person had predominately winter, spring, summer or autumn colouring and then advise on complementary choices in clothes and make up.  I can think of a couple of friends who invested in a consultation and the transformation that took place in their clothing and appearance was striking (in a good, confidence-building way).

I’ll leave you with a few more photos of the winter banishing fabrics I’ve been enjoying today 🙂

Trimming the hst blocks. This is the first time I’ve used the method that creates eight hst from just two squares of fabric. (See Alyce’s post for clear instructions)


Hope the sun is shining on you,



8 thoughts on “Seasonal Colouring

  1. Allison, Thanks for sharing the pretty colors. Here is Iowa is is cold and more snow coming tonight. In one of my Bible study classes the teacher once said: if the sun isn’t shining the Son is shining all the time. These gloomy days are just right for getting a lot of sewing done. We had a Sew Day at church yesterday to make pillowcase dresses for girls in Haiti to send with our teams that go twice a year. We used yardage, and had money donated to buy supplies. I spent a lot of time teaching how to make a flat-felled seam and some other marking tricks I have to make there cute dresses.

  2. I tend to think in seasonal colors, too, especially autumn (with golds, oranges, reds, and browns) and winter (which can be browns, tans, and grey/blacks or shades of white).

    We have had bitter cold today and mostly grey skies until later this afternoon when the sun came out for a brief time. Bitter cold is predicted for tomorrow, too, and then snow on Monday.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Allison.

  3. You blocks are beautiful! My mother in law was a Color Me Beautiful consultant! Every time I buy something in the autumn palette, I can hear her telling me it is not my sparkle color!


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