Bumping along and design wall update

Before I begin in earnest I’m very pleased to be able to share some good practical advice from Colleen re. cutting the cable of the IKEA Dignitet hanging system. We got into difficulties when we cut the cable and the ends frayed. Go to my post about creating a design wall and read Colleen’s advice in the comment section 🙂

Here is the design wall in action – I’ve used a 2m length of felt backed table protector cloth as the ‘wall’.

A Tigger I am not, nor ever have been! I don’t see myself as an Eeyore either but others may be more ready to give me that label! So not being known for bouncing along I have to admit that at the moment I am bumping along. I don’t feel low or anywhere near depressed just at a state of tiredness that has me thinking too often, ‘I’ll do that later’ or more flatly, ‘I can’t be bothered’. And of course, the whole house now looks tired too, with little mounds of ‘do that later’ all over the place and as the necessary and urgent get done the underlying tasks that add sparkle to the finish are lost in the dust.

The Autumn Star quilt under the needle! (Amazingly half the width of the quilt is squished into the throat of the machine).

I know one thing that would help me get nearer a bounce and further from the bumps is to actually finish something – anything – but preferably a quilt. The Autumn Star quilt has been the running project for the last 6 or 7 weeks and every stage has taken longer than I’d estimated. Last night I finally finished quilting the heavy, unwieldy mass – that was a week’s work – and this morning I’ve squared it up, trimmed the edges (discovering along the way that I’d not once but twice flipped back the excess backing fabric and caught it with the quilting stitches – grrr!).

The backing accidentally flipped back and caught by the end of a row of quilting stitches – doh!

I did have the presence of mind to make the binding before beginning quilting so that is all ready to sew on – oh! but then there’ll be 292 inches of hand stitching to do… Yes! I did the math on a scrap of paper earlier this morning, 4 x 73″ = 292″ – how sad and demotivating is that? Rewind – what an exciting challenge is that? 😀

If you’ve managed to drag your eyes over the above, thank you and I apologise if you feel like you’ve arrived at a ‘pity party’. I  just felt the need to share the reality in order to keep a balance – wouldn’t do for this blog to become like a never ending, ever up-beat, Christmas newsletter! ‘Cos that’s not life is it? But I promise I’m not having a pity party. I will get some jobs done through the day and continue to derive pleasure and satisfaction from little things. In fact, writing this post is already lifting me as it is satisfying to write down some of the running commentary in my head rather than keep thinking, ‘That will have to wait ’til later’.

On Saturday we took a break from tidying our little garden and drove out to Church Crookham to visit Nature’s Threads on the occasion of the quilt shop’s 7th birthday. Sue keeps a wide selection of fabrics (including several shelves of brushed cotton prints) and has a programme of classes for beginners and improvers.

A collection of fat quarters and a bargain metre of fabric from Nature’s Threads

Back track: A few days before our boys set off on their university and training adventures we visited Granny and had a restful stroll around the peaceful gardens of Sissinghurst Castle. The 1930s gardens were created in the shadow of the Tudor house and tower by Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson. The hedges and walls with little archways and gates provide wonderful surprises as each section of the garden features different types of planting.






Glimpse of the Kent countryside through the barn doorway at Sissinghurst.

The day at Sissinghurst holds lots of happy memories. It just happened to be the last of the unseasonal hot days we enjoyed earlier this month. That night there was the most terrific storm and daytime temperatures immediately dropped by 10°C.


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4 thoughts on “Bumping along and design wall update

  1. I can relate! So many small tasks can look like an overwhelming mountain, but keep your optimism 🙂 One day at a time! The day you finish this quilt will be the best day and all those road bumps will fade to the background. Thanks for sharing, love the pics from the castle!! <3 God bless!


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