Building work and fabric baskets

I spent half of today tidying and cleaning the downstairs of our home.  We are into week eight of a building project.  Up until two weeks ago most of the work was on the outside of the house and there was little disruption indoors. Since then walls have been knocked through and the building project is very much indoors – along with the dust, noise and workmen (all very nice and polite but still in my house – I guess I’m not the only one who feels slightly uncomfortable having work done in her home?)

The view from the bottom of the stairs! There used to be a loo separating the house from the garage!

The view from the bottom of the stairs! There used to be a loo separating the house from the garage!

The view from my kitchen sink!
The view from my kitchen sink!

All week I have been feeling a bit unsettled, seeming to do bits of everything but little of anything.  I got home yesterday afternoon and suddenly couldn’t ‘keep smiling and carrying on’!  Yet another evening of dusting down the kitchen worktops and hunting for saucepans and utensils in the sitting room before cooking dinner! Poor me!  I lost sight of the bigger picture for a few hours! Anyhow, after a good nights sleep and waking to the pleasure of seeing rain soaking our parched garden and the realisation that no workmen would be arriving today (the gas meter needs to be moved before the next stage of construction can begin) I understood I just needed to get re-organised, get some dust removed and reclaim my sitting room for the weekend!  I guess we all have different tolerance levels of muddle?  My Mum was always envious of a friend who could set up her sewing machine on the kitchen table amidst the pots, pans and piles of washing and ironing and make the most beautiful clothes for her children.  I obviously follow Mum and find great difficulty in settling to a project when there is muddle around me.

I did manage to make two fabric baskets a couple of days ago (they are my FINISH for the Finish It Up Friday link).


I followed the ‘1 hour basket’ pattern by Hearts and Bees downloaded from Craftsy. The baskets came out a bit bigger than I’d envisaged (the base measures 5½” x 10″ and the sides are 9½” high) but I am pleased with them.  Not quite sure what they could be used to store – perhaps knitting wool, fat quarters, nappies? I didn’t have any stiff iron-on interfacing so improvised and used cotton wadding.  I added some widely spaced quilting just to keep the layers together. Perhaps if I’d quilted more densely the sides and base would have been more rigid?  I might try adapting the pattern to make smaller baskets and spend more time quilting the outer layer to the wadding…


While I was cutting out the fabrics for the bucket bags I also cut some extra pieces to use as panels for a tote bag.

Loving these monochrome elephants and henna-type designs.

In a rash moment I signed up for a quilt along and treated myself to Amy Ellis’ new book ‘Think Big’.  If you’d like to find out more about this quilt along go to Amy’s blog or to the associated Facebook page, Quilt Along with Amy Ellis.  It’s due to start in a couple of weeks so there is plenty of time to sign up.


Hope you have a relaxing weekend.  We are getting very excited about re-visiting the London 2012 Olympic Park and Stadium for the Anniversary Games tomorrow 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Building work and fabric baskets

  1. We got major work done 5 years ago , you eat dust for months ! I’m amazed your sewing at all. Enjoy the games, we were lucky enough to go to both the Olympics and commonwealth games , had a great time

  2. Those baskets look great – I especially like the elephants ! I would love to renovate this house … with a bulldozer, lol. You have probably already thought of this but – get some heavy plastic sheeting from the hardware store and seal off the doorways and that window you showed us in your kitchen. Also, if you have some rubbermaid containers or just boxes, pack away all the kitchen stuff that isn’t essential and store that out of the way for now. Just put the kitchen basics in closed containers nearby.

    • That’s good thinking! Most of the kitchen stuff is in an assortment of boxes that makes it sort of portable but I should have covered them with a dust sheet. I’ll get the hang of it by the time the builders have finished!

  3. I was thinking…wow she is sewing amidst all of that? Then I realized, we sometimes have to be creative even when living in chaos. It’s feeds us. Good luck and it will be awesome when done!

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