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Technology – don’t you just love it? When I launched into the social media world three and half years ago my first love and my main ambition was to nuture this blog, to write posts, to connect with quilty bloggers around the world – contributing, commenting and responding – to become part of the community. Writing my blog posts, sharing what’s going on, in and out of my sewing room, and discovering so much through connecting with other bloggers continues to be immensely satisfying. Thank you to those of you who follow me here and on other platforms ๐Ÿ™‚ This community is an important part of my life.
Unfortunately there seem to be some gremlins in my technology ๐Ÿ™ I was unwell at the start of this week so didn’t check my emails for 36 hours or so. When I did check in I was surprised to find very few notifications from the bloggers I follow. Then it dawned on me that actually those notifications have been dwindling over the past week or more. That made me sad and anxious realising I was missing regular contact with the lovely, informative, inspirational bloggers I have come to know over the past years.
And now I’m wondering if notifications are being received by people who follow my blog? I try not to get caught in the numbers game but I’ve taken a look at my stats page and there is a decrease in the number of visitors to my blog. I’d be very grateful if you would let me know in the comments below if you have been notified via email or other means of my recent blog posts – thank you.
I do feel rather bereft and very unsettled as this goes on. I’ve been in touch with the WordPress helpdesk a couple of times and run checks on my email address, all to no avail.
I know in the grand scheme of things this may not seem a major issue BUT I am actually feeling like I am loosing touch with friends and that’s just not good. My apologies to those of you whose blogs I follow – I’ve unwittingly failed to interact with many of you over the past couple of weeks. I shall try and reconnect by visiting your pages directly but this I fear will be a slow process …
Missing you!

Female Blackcap by Allison Reid
A surprise Winter visitor to our garden – a female Blackcap


18 thoughts on “Blog Trouble

    • Thanks Thelma! So glad my emails are getting through. It’s just a strange cold bug that’s been sending my temperature up and down and given me a spectacular smokers cough! On the road to recovery now. Happy Easter to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well thank you! I am very much encouraged to be receiving comments like yours. I was very worried that I was losing touch with this lovely on-line community. Happy Easter to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. HI, I normally do not get into replying but this case I have too. Think about a yr ago I realized I was no longer hearing from quilt bloggers in Aust. and New Zealand. No idea why? A few months ago all of a sudden I was receiving very few from here in the States. My husband the computer geek checked it out. Most of the problem was with the carrier and some my computer. Soon I was receiving all again except for Aust. and New Zealand. Guess they are gone for good. I enjoy quilt blogs and learn so much from them. Live in a rural area. Good luck on your problem. Mary

    • Mary, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Your experience gives me some encouragement. My son has looked through my blog site and found a box to tick/untick that I didn’t know even existed re. email notifications. We believe WordPress must have made some changes and disabled the email links without me knowing. Very strange and a bit sobering to be reminded that we are not always given choices about changes made to our own sites. I hope I can now re-establish links with most of the blogging community I’ve been missing.


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