Battling through the January blues

I have been struck down with a mild case of the January Blues. Anyone else finding motivation levels running low? I guess I am asking this question of those of you, who like myself, live in the Northern Hemisphere – to all of you in the South I hope you are making the most of the long hours of daylight and warm temperatures πŸ™‚

I know many could be a little envious of my stay-at-home lifestyle (and with good reason): spending my time at home, choosing to do things when and how I want! This stay-at-home lifestyle does have it’s own small challenges though. I do not have what would be called a ‘dynamic personality’ or, in Jane Austen speak, ‘a lively disposition’. A lot of my mental energy is therefore employed in keeping myself motivated – I’m very good at envisaging results, not so good at seeing the ideas into action and through to said results.

Last week I was filling planners, nailing down goals and taking action…. This week the desire to curl up on the sofa and watch a box set from beginning to end is very real. I confess I nipped into HMV and bought the first seven series of Cold Feet (over the past 36 hours I’ve watched the first three episodes! – that’s not much of binge really is it?).

Thank goodness for the responsibilities I have and the opportunities given me to contribute to events that have got me out the house (that is another of the challenges of being a stay-at-home person – so many possibilities, which to say ‘yes’ to, to which to say ‘no’?).

Anyway, I have done some creative stuff this week, here is the photographic evidence:

Craft Group flowers by Allison Reid

On Monday I helped run the monthly Craft Group at Church. A creative member of the Group kindly demonstrated making these pretty tissue paper flowers and shared a Debbie Shore method of making fabric flowers. These are my creations πŸ™‚






On Tuesday I made a 12″ block, pattern testing for the monthly Quilt Club, skill-building course, running at Purple Stitches:

Quilt Club block 6a by Allison Reid

And today I have been pattern testing again – making the second skill building block for the Quilt Club workshop. I’m particularly pleased with this block and it was satisfying to make use of fabrics pulled out of my scrap boxes.

Quilt Club block 6b by Allison Reid

Having written this post, I realise I am tired (poor me!) there has been a fair bit of running around between creating these things and maybe I need to get better at acknowledging those ‘extras’ and feel less guilty about succumbing to sofa time πŸ˜€ Maybe…? Funny how I imagine every one else is managing their time so well, staying motivated, being so much more productive and ‘alive’ than myself!

Snowdrops by Allison Reid
Snowdrops flowering in my garden – a promise of longer days and Spring to come πŸ™‚

Time to shake off the January Blues… Be thankful, and look for a quick project that makes my creative heart sing πŸ™‚


Take care.




6 thoughts on “Battling through the January blues

  1. You take care too!! You’re definitely not the only one – I would love just one day of wall to wall sunshine β˜€οΈ I’m also not so good at putting things I envisage into practice – I thought that was very well put! But there’s plenty of room for improvement on the binge-watching so do allow yourself that πŸ˜‰ Lots of love!

  2. I know about winter blues. This year January has not been too bad. Days are getting longer. More days of sunshine the past week. Halfway through January.

    However, by Monday I expect my mood to change because I am expecting the first large snowstorm in my upstate New York area and below zero temperatures.

    I think working at home, paid or not, is harder than working a job outside the home. You may be able to set your own schedule to some extent, but have a lot more distractions and a boss (yourself) that sets unrealistic goals and expectations.

    My advice is not to overschedule your day. Some days go smoothly but many do not. Don’t forget to reward yourself for a good job when something is done well. You do not get much appreciation or validation working at home. A movie or series binge occasionally is good. If you can’t hibernate in the winter, at least allow yourself a more relaxed schedule.

    • Thanks Gretchen. There is plenty of wisdom gained out of experience in your thoughtful words. Over scheduling is definitely one of my problems. I do try to make sure I go to bed at the end of the day thinking over the things I have done rather than fretting about what I haven’t achieved! I hope you ride out the coming snow storm and emerge from it able to enjoy the lengthening hours of day light. πŸ™‚


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