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Although our children left school quite sometime ago it still seems easy to slip into school holiday mode! All through August we’ve had days out, caught up with family and friends and just enjoyed the luxury of moving between indoors and outdoors without having to factor in the changes of clothing required to cope with sudden alterations in temperature.
Now the long holiday season is drawing to a close, the racks of school uniform and stationery are displayed at the entrance to just about every shop and there are even a few splashes of Autumnal pinks and golds popping through the rich greens of our well watered hedgerows.
Box of works underwayThat’s all a long winded way of saying that I’ve found my way back to the sewing room! 😀 So, without further ado, here are my works in progress: two plucked from this box (a collection of what I’m calling ‘projects underway’ as distinct from long term UFOs) and the third a fresh project.
Work in Progress No1 – a modified version of the Purple Stitches Beginners Quilt. I made this quilt to use for demonstration purposes as the four class workshop has progressed. The third class was all about basting and quilting. In the final class I’ll be demonstrating squaring and binding a quilt. I’ve done my homework, quilting the demo using a mixture of walking foot and free motion quilting, all ready to be trimmed and bound. It was good to find that all the fmq I did on the garden quilt earlier in the year has created a reasonable ‘muscle memory’, quilting the leaves in the borders felt comfortable.
Quilting on Beginners Quilt
Beginners Quilt ready for binding
Work in Progress No2 – the ‘Candy Diamonds’ quillow. This is slowly coming together. I’ve made a quilted pocket to sew to the back of the quilt, added a label to the backing, basted the quilt sandwich and begun quilting.

I quilted in-the-ditch around the inside seam of the border and around the central diamond patterns. Then I had a long hard think about the rest of the quilting. In her book ‘Growing Up Modern’ Allison Harris recommends quilting large open designs across a quilt destined to be folded and squished into a quillow cushion. I have watched A LOT of free motion quilting videos on You Tube and Craftsy and most, if not all, are patterns stitched on a small scale – usually not more than an inch or two apart – which can make a quilt relatively stiff and not very squishy. On a practice quilt sandwich I tried stitching large scale loops, hearts and flowers but wasn’t confident that I’d be able to decorate the wide, white spaces in ‘Candy Diamonds’ neatly enough to ‘give it a go’. Then Angela Walters came to my rescue. I’d seen her video ‘Machine Quilting Diamond Blocks‘ earlier in the day (tablet propped up on the kitchen window sill while I washed some dishes – did I mention I’m obsessed with patchwork and quilting? :-D) and thought I could scale up a design she had used. Here are my attempts – not perfect by any means but I’m pleased with the effect and I’m going to pursue stitching fmq arcs through the rest of the quilt.

I think this advance in my free motion quilting endeavours deserves a nod to my word of the year, VENTURE 🙂 (My silly boys have adopted the phrase ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and use it far too many times in any conversation – I can almost hear the giggles if they should read this!)
Work in Progress No3 – a disappearing ninepatch table runner. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve designed this in the hope of conducting a ‘table runner in a day’ workshop, so I’m writing a pattern alongside making the runner.

It’s good to be back in the sewing room! Looking forward to seeing other works in progress through linking with Lorna for Let’s Bee Social.

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  1. Hi, that’s such a productive bunch. And congrats on finding the right quilting for the diamonds – always a great feeling to try something and feel good about it. Looks lovely.


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