January One Monthly Goal – I feel the need, the need for a finish!

I really do feel the need for a FINISH! I’ve updated and completed my 2018 Gallery page, there are sixteen finished patchwork quilting projects. Not too shabby…but… there are so many unfinished projects around me…. and projects in my head… and fabrics I bought thinking ‘I’ll make a lovely quilt with this…’

Hmm! This is reading like a severe case of ‘overwhelm’. I fear I’m in danger of falling into the traps of loosing the satisfaction of patchwork creativity or getting completely intimidated by all the perfect finishes streaming through my social media feeds! The past few days I have been occupied filling in planners and writing events onto wall charts. All this goal setting can get a bit ‘heavy’. Thankfully the sun is shining today – increased daylight levels can give us such a boost can’t they? I’ve done some more housework – traces of Christmas and, sadly, guests are pretty much gone now.

Autumn Leaves quilting started by Allison Reid

So, I’m going to set myself an achievable sewing goal and join in with the Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal link up. My January goal is to complete the Autumn Leaves quilt. I’m about to start free motion quilting – first the veins on the leaves and then the background. I haven’t chosen fabric for the binding yet so that’s something to contemplate as I stitch. I will stitch a hanging sleeve to the back so the finished quilt can hang on the pole in my sewing room 🙂




Autumn Leaves detail (1) by Allison Reid
So far I have stitched a ‘stalk’ to each leaf using a very close zig-zag to produce a satin stitch. And then used my walking foot to echo stitch around the leaves adding a pointed tip to each one.

That feels better already 🙂 A project to focus on, an outlet for creativity and a dose of perspective as I set an achievable goal 🙂

Are you feeling full of enthusiasm as you consider your patchwork and quilting for 2019 or maybe feeling overwhelmed and not at all sure where to start?

Linking with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for the January One Monthly Goal.


Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (41)

Welcome to another Sunday edition of Saturday Quilt & Share! (Note to self: Must do better at publishing on the correct week day in 2019!). Bring along the project you are working on and share in some of the conversations going around the worldwide quilty community. Use the comments section at the bottom of this post to share your thoughts on anything you’ve read here or share a conversation starter with us 🙂

Did you receive any patchwork-quilting gifts over the holiday? Here is my collection of quilty treats:

My Christmas Gifts 2018 by Allison Reid

A rotary cutter, quilting gloves, 2 Morris fat quarters (all gifted by my MIL who discovered the delights of a new shop called Pincushion situated in the picturesque Pantiles district of Royal Tunbridge Wells); a full 3m of IKEA white cotton fabric, and a long length of Indonesian batik print cotton. The latter bought for me by our Daughter and SIL whilst on their trip to SE Asia. I was also gifted a very sturdy photographic backdrop stand – I will hang my quilts from this in the hope of achieving quality photographs.

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End of year – New Year Planning at New Every Morning

Pink Hyacinths by Allison ReidI know it’s still the Christmas season but I thought I’d start with a break from the traditional red, green and gold colour scheme to share my pot of beautiful pink hyacinths. The pot of bulbs was gifted to me in early December and the flowers obligingly opened just a day or two before Christmas Day.

I’ve been out in the garden today to prune straggly clumps of lavender and a couple of fuschia bushes. I was heartened to see among all the fallen leaves and bare twigs a few bright green shoots – the Bluebells are already proclaiming the advent of Spring despite us knowing we have yet to endure the harshest months of Winter.

Pink Hyacinth close up by Allison Reid

I do hope you are enjoying the Christmas-to-New Year break? I know it’s not all rest and play for everyone but on the whole these days between Christmas and New Year do have a kind of suspended animation feel. After the concentrated effort preparing for the festivities I do have a strange sensation, perhaps something like being be-calmed at sea? There’s not much to be done but wait for the winds of the New Year to blow me back into action!

Of course there ARE things to keep me occupied! My sewing room has re-emerged from it’s temporary transformation into the guest room. Now our only house ‘guest’ is our youngest son, already half way through his two week holiday from University in Germany. There’s quite a lot of bedding in one or other of the stages of being washed, dried and packed away and there are still a fair few chocolates and treats lying around the house…! Perhaps because of my permanent chocolate high I haven’t yet settled on a sewing project. My mind is skipping between the be-calmed inactive state to a confusion of potential activities!

I’m writing this post with the intention of spelling out my quilty plans for 2019, linking with the #2019PlanningParty hosted by Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl. So, I’d better get on and share my goals/dreams/plans thingys.

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Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (40)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. An opportunity to bring along your current project to a virtual sewing day and share in conversations circulating around the quilty world. You are very welcome to share your links in the comments section at the bottom of the page and I hope you will find the blog post conversations introduced on this page of interest (it always gives me a thrill when I see that readers of these Quilt & Share post have clicked on links to explore more of what’s being shared in the online quilty community 🙂 ).

My focus project this week has been to finish the covers for the storage trolleys. The idea being that the covers will hide the drawers filled with notions and fabrics and soften the rather clinical looking metallic top of the trolleys. The covered trolleys then take on their second role of bedside tables when my sewing room is transformed into our guest room 🙂

For the quilting I chose a cream coloured 40wt Aurifil thread No. 2000.

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