An encouragement for makers of charity quilts

Just a little blog post with a link to a great story from the BBC magazine website.  I hope this lovely story of wartime charity will be an encouragement to all you generous quilters who make and donate quilts for good causes.

Joseph Briddock, 79, lived through the wartime bombing of London.  He and his family lost three homes and most of their possessions in that time.  Soon after the war they were the recipients of a box from Care, a charity set up in the USA in 1945.  In their box they found a quilt as well as the much needed packets and tins of food.

Joseph Briddock with his quilt

Here are some of Joseph’s recollections recorded by Camila Ruz in her article:

“It was a real quality thing to get,” he explains. “It was so warm and luxurious…”

It was his mother who saved the quilt. She kept it with her for 30 years until her death in 1978. Her son found it at her house afterwards and took it home.

“I’ve got massive feelings of connection with that time so it’s something I would never have let go,” he explains.

“We thought about those ladies painstakingly making it and we loved it and revered it and we’ve treasured it.”

It may only have been a small gift, he says. But it had a massive effect.

What a moving story!  A reminder that civilians along with servicemen and women pay the price of war long beyond the ceasefire; and that anonymous acts of kindness can have the most profound effect on those who receive a gift that provides both practical and emotional support.

Care are still providing packages for people in need.  I know that during WWII many people in the UK received quilts via the Canadian Red Cross and no doubt there were other organisations and individuals who gave their time and resources to make and distribute quilts that would have provided far more than physical warmth to those who received beautiful gifts in such harsh times.

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14 thoughts on “An encouragement for makers of charity quilts

  1. I know exactly how it feels to make charity quilts. And I have seen first hand how a simple quilt can bring comfort. Reading what Joseph Briddock had to say about receiving a quilt during hard times doubly confirms that charity quilts are worthwhile making. Thanks for sharing this account Allison.

  2. Thanks for sharing this news article, Allison. It’s such an inspiring story about how charity can bless another’s life. It’s been a while since I’ve made a batch of quilts to give away. I need to get at it again. Thanks, too, for linking to Quilty Inspiration. I appreciate it.


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