A word, deadlines, goals and new projects

Happy New Year!

My word for 2017 is VENTURE, as in ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. The Oxford Dictionary defines venture:


  • A risky or daring journey or undertaking:

    ‘pioneering ventures into little-known waters’


  • Undertake a risky or daring journey or course of action:

    ‘she ventured out into the blizzard’

Not that I’m planning any risky journeys or venturing into the unknown (‘Adventurous Allison’ I am not!); it’s more that I’ve realised a lot of my procrastinating is less to do with lack of confidence and more to do with fear of failure. Making progress inevitably involves learning through failures as well as successes. I’m planning to venture further into the realms of designing quilts, making said quilts, teaching skills around those quilts and writing patterns for others to make those quilts. There’s a lot of learning I’m going to have to do ‘on the job’ to develop my skills including getting to grips with the EQ7 quilt pattern software; really understanding how to get the most from my little point and shoot camera; preparing class notes and pacing classes as well as creating comprehensive patterns.

I have some project deadlines to meet too:

  • I have a quilt in mind that could be a candidate for a quilt class – I have fabrics washed and ready to use, the sooner I get on with it the sooner I’ll find out if it is a viable teaching project;

    Kona solids selected (if only I’d written down the colour names when I bought them…)
  • I’d like to put together the blocks I made following Alyce’s 2016 Modern HST Sampler – this top will then become my practice piece for free motion quilting (another skill I’d like to develop this year);

    Twentyone of the 24 Modern HST Sampler blocks completed and on the design wall
  • I resolved last Summer to enter a quilt in a national quilt show *GOLLY GOSH* – the 2017 Quilts UK, Malvern Show has an open category ‘Gardener’s World’ and I have an initial design (developed on holiday last July) that has been circling the back of my mind occasionally popping to the forefront for a change or tweak. Now it’s time to work on that design and my EQ7 skills :-O The closing date for entry form submissions is 3rd March and quilts have to reach the organisers by 10th May.

    Sketch of my evolving Gardener’s World design
This venture came about following a conversation with fellow patchwork quilters about the decline in the number of quilts being exhibited at a couple of shows we had recently attended. One quilter had entered a quilt and her determination to support the quilting community by daring to take part in this way led me to resolve to do  likewise. I’m obviously not expecting to pick up a rosette or any such thing, it’ll be one more quilt to be looked at and hopefully help other patchwork quilters to discern more clearly their own tastes in quilt design and construction.  
Building skills and daring to fail are components of my BIG GOALS for 2017. I haven’t quite got round to articulating those BIG GOALS yet but in thinking through the patchwork and quilting side of life I have realised that design is a key factor in all my proposed ventures.

Lest I should get carried away with all this word of the yearing, planning and goal setting I will bear in mind too very short yet eternally significant words: BUT GOD…

These two words occur at key points throughout the Bible usually after a passage in which the inability of man to save himself is laid bare, all hope is gone and then ‘but God…’ indicates a bigger plan is in action beyond our mortal comprehension. A famous Bible story, that of Joseph and his eleven brothers, ends with a ‘But God’. Out of jealousy the brothers sold Joseph into slavery, telling their father his son was dead, only to discover years later, in their hour of need, that Joseph’s fortunes had changed, he was second in command to Pharaoh, able to distribute food in a time of famine. With the power to wreak revenge upon his brothers Joseph stood before them and said:

Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me BUT GOD intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Genesis 50: 19-20)

So I shall endeavour to hold ‘lightly’ my plans and goals for 2017, praying I’ll be ready to keep in step with God’s big picture rather than my own limited perspective. I am halfway through a two year reading plan of the Bible, I will take note of other ‘But God’ verses as I find them. It’s good to know He’s in charge!


Linking with Judy for the first Design Wall Monday of 2017.

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