A time to think and a time to sew!

We woke up to a very wet day which was a bit of a nuisance as my first appointment of the day was with the dentist – a half hour walk away!  Me and my umbrella set out together, the puddles were large and numerous and the gutters were streaming. However, under the shelter of said umbrella I was able to enjoy thinking about passages from two books I’d dipped into whilst enjoying my early morning mug(s) of tea.

The first, a  passage from 1 Peter 2 had me wondering, ‘What exactly is a ‘spiritual sacrifice’?’  Peter is such a practical, get-up-and-do type of man that it seemed odd to find him encouraging actions of a spiritual nature.  I turned to the online ‘Easy English’ Bible commentary that I’d discovered when a Chinese friend and I were studying together.  The explanation given there for the nature of spiritual sacrifices is as follows:

We do not need to sacrifice animals any more. Everyone can come to God through Jesus. ‘*Spiritual *sacrifices’ are what Christians offer to God. This shows God that they love him. In the *New Testament there are 4 ways by which Christians offer *sacrifices to God:

(1) They give their whole life to God (Romans 12:1).

(2) They *praise and thank God (Hebrews 13:15).

(3) They do good work and share what they have with other people (Hebrews 13:16).

(4) They support people who explain the good news about Jesus (Philippians 4:18).

I’ll be thinking those four through for a while…

My other thought provoker of the day was a lovely quote from Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Of her own career as a writer she says:

It seems to me that the only reason for writing is the showing of a different angle of life to readers who might not have had the opportunity to see it for themselves….  I enjoy writing, always thinking that this time I am going to capture a bit of life in a network of words; and I hate it, for life is forever uncapturable, and my words are clumsy.  But I never cease to love living.

Taken from ‘A Little House Sampler’.

As I was walking and thinking I got distracted by a Robin happily singing in the rain (UK robins are among our most melodious birds, I’m not sure about the American robin’s song).  My shoes and skirt did get soaked, I did have a molar extracted (ouch!) but I also had an umbrella and an affordable dentist so all-in-all it paid to keep the mornings circumstances in perspective and enjoy the time to think!

That dentist advised me to take things easy for next few days (no going to the gym, ho!ho!ho!).    So what better to do than a bit of stitching?  I had made a start on a ‘bucket bag’ yesterday using the free tutorial given by Kristin Link on Craftsy.

Sewing-in the circular bases for the lining and for the outer bag was fiddly and I caught the tacking stitches a few times!
Sewing-in the circular bases for the lining and for the outer bag was fiddly and I caught the tacking stitches a few times!

I had the opportunity to learn as I set the circular base of the bag in place. This was fiddly – students of the Craftsy class came up with several suggestions for how to deal with this tricky stage: place pins at right angles to the seam rather than horizontal along the seam; use ‘wonder clips’ (a bit like mini bulldog clips); or tack.  I decided on the later and just about managed to get the seam moving under the machine foot without creating noticeable tucks or pleats 🙂

I’m pleased with the finished bag.  It is ideal as a neat storage place for my smaller projects and associated equipment – much better than just dumping them on a chair!

A handy storage bag/container for my portable projects - thanks again for the fabric A & T.
A handy storage bag/container for my portable projects – thanks again for the fabric A&T.


Having finished a small project I’m now in the mood to start a larger one…  More thinking to be done!


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  1. Hi Allison! This fabric basket is beautiful and practical! I have made some but smaller. Yours is great for knitting Project. Thank you for the link about the no-reply – I shall try that and i think it may work. x Teje


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