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I’ve recovered from ‘new project fever’, enjoying many diversions and healthy excursions in the process! So, the disappearing nine-patch using 5″ charm squares has progressed from a heap of fabrics to a small quilt top.

The nine patch blocks (top left) are quartered and produce instant sashing and cornerstones 🙂

I used 36 of the 42 squares from the Moda ‘Alice’s Scrapbag’ charm pack , of these 35 are in the 5 x 7 block layout. The left overs may well be incorporated into a pieced backing but for now I’m waiting on some fabrics to arrive to use for that backing and maybe/maybe not for a border.


Do you think I should add a border or is the top complete as it is?

As for the picture(s) in the title of this post: I’m hoping by majoring on the photos I’ll remember what’s been going in the two weeks since my last feverish post and produce an unusually succinct summary of all the loveliness that has been inspiring me over the past two weeks.

So here goes:

M and I had another trip to Salisbury and enjoyed sitting in the May sunshine looking across the water meadows to the Cathedral.


This must be the chilliest I’ve ever been on my birthday! The weirdness of British summertime…


The overcast conditions didn’t spoil a birthday stroll or dim the beauty of the gardens at Scotney Castle


The castle was originally a Medieval ‘fortified house’ but in later centuries was allowed to deteriorate into a picturesque ruin visible from the new house built higher up the valley.
We chose just the right time of year to visit with all the rhododendrons in flower.

IMG_1097Back at home I stepped into a new venture and taught my first class in a quilt shop!  Viv at Purple Stitches made myself and the three ‘students’ very welcome.  We spent a peaceful and productive afternoon getting to grips with half square triangles. Next Saturday I’ll be helping the ladies incorporate their blocks into tote bags – more photos to follow…

I’ve made a couple of bags this week to (1) double-check my pattern (just as well, I’ve made a couple of amendments) and (2) increase the stock I can take to a craft fair in a couple of weeks time.


A close up of the cute camper van print

And finally, just because they are beautiful, here are photos of two very different flowers that have just captivated me as I’ve walked around our little garden:

This is a bloom on rose Margaret ?? (forgotten her surname!) – I wish I could produce a ‘scratch & sniff’ image as she does smell gorgeous!
Interior of a huge red poppy with the morning sun shining through the petals – ‘For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made…’ (Romans 1 v20)

As it’s Tuesday I will add a reminder about my Pinterest Board ‘Pins of the Week’.  I update this every Tuesday evening and you can catch last week’s collection on ‘Last Week’s Pins of the Week’. There are links to all sorts of inspiring quilty goodness and a few other things besides 🙂

Counting my blessings, especially being able to share in the wonder of God’s creation with family and friends 🙂

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8 thoughts on “A picture paints…

  1. The photos of your flowers are beautiful, Allison. I love how the light shines through the poppy. Congrats on teaching a class. And I don’t think your quilt needs a border. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. Even with rain it looks like a lovely visit to Salisbury.

    • Thank you Nancy. My little ‘point and shoot’ camera is proving to be a really good purchase. Thank you too for answering my question about adding borders to the quilt top.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Allison. Beautiful pictures – the Scotney Castle pics could be postcards !
    Did you enjoy teaching the class ? Looks like you were well prepared. The quilt top looks good without the border but if you had some of the fabric you used for the small squares that would look nice too.

    • Thanks Colleen. I did enjoy teaching the class, it’s very satisfying sharing skills. I wish I could think more quickly on my feet though – one lady was having problems getting quarter inch seams and it wasn’t ’til the next day that a simple solution came to my mind! Thanks for your thoughts on the border/no border question, I’ve just bought some similar prints so I’ll lay them round the edge and leave it for a while to see if it grows on me or not.


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