A negative sandwiched between two positives: Overcoming the deadline blues

A sandwich of a blog post – two positives surrounding a rather negative filling!

First positive layer:

Here is the progress I’ve made with a couple of the projects I have on the go:

  • Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along: I made the twelfth and final block. Came home from Purple Stitches with fabrics for the sashing and cornerstones… I hope the rusty orange will provide enough of contrast without being a distraction from the blue blocks 🤞

  • English Country Garden cushion covers: Finished! 😁

The negative filling:

I’ve been getting a little stressed by deadlines lately. Not quite sure why, but I’m the run-up to Christmas (complete with it’s own set of requirements combining deadlines and perfectionism) along with heightened anxiety around Covid infection rates as invitations to social events begin to mount up are two of the causes. In my more rational moments I’ve been able to make sensible decisions about what to do and what to let slip but then (especially when I get tired) I have other times when I get overwhelmed and can think of nothing more appealing than shutting myself in my sewing room and not venturing out again until 25th December (when all the deadlines will have gone away!).

Bernie the Bernette

My coping methods at such times are unhealthy and expensive. On Thursday I ate so many biscuits I could hardly face my dinner and last weekend I blew my money on a whim – purchasing a sewing machine 😳 Totally mad! I decided I really needed a small, easily portable machine for sewing days. I chose a Bernette B35 which is a mechanical machine so it’s uncomplicated with no computerized workings to go wrong. When it arrived I felt ashamed of such an indulgence, leaving the box unopened under my sewing table for a couple of days! I have now unboxed the neat little machine, read the instruction leaflet, played around with a few scraps of fabric getting a feel for how it runs. Of course, one purchase leads to another, so I have ordered a quarter inch foot and a walking foot to add to the accessories kit…

Through the past two weeks I have continued to sew, but I have not been reading blog posts. My inbox reached overwhelm, social media was getting me down – so many Black Friday deal messages that any normal, friendly sewing messages were just lost in the deluge. And that left me feeling quite disconnected, lonely in fact. Does that make sense? Perhaps I was experiencing the virtual equivalent of feeling very lost and alone in a large crowd?

Anyhow, on Thursday I reached the bottom of the low, being overtired after a busy start to the week, I hit the biscuits, struggled to share a pot of tea and conversation with my lovely parents, fell asleep with my head on a table, woke up just in time to cook a dinner I didn’t want to eat, went out to a meeting only to find it had been cancelled (I’ve since found the 3 day old cancellation notice on Facebook – Facebook notifications are not a reliable means of communication), came home, escaped into my sewing room (again) before sloping off to bed.

Second positive layer:

Thankfully, a good sleep and a gracious God provided me with a New Morning on Friday. I finished stitching the walking foot quilting designs on the Modern Fans quilt – looking good even if I do say so myself 😉

– then pottered around doing a few chores before donning my weatherproofs and setting out to hand-deliver a card to a friend. Despite being elbow deep in pumpkin flesh she kindly welcomed me in for a cup of coffee and we had a good chat as we watched the birds flitting around her garden.

Strava tells me my walk was a 5.6 mile round trip, surely long enough to get a good dose of positive-vibe endorphins circulating through my system? 

Have you been experiencing emotional ups and downs? Has patchwork quilting or another creative activity helped you to steady your thoughts, regain perspective or give you respite from a difficult situation?

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6 thoughts on “A negative sandwiched between two positives: Overcoming the deadline blues

  1. Allison, your projects are looking great and the new sewing machine is a wonderful gift to yourself! Too often we forget to take care of ourselves! We all need some quiet time, a time to for a bit of self-indulgence, too! Perhaps you were pushing yourself too hard…putting high expectations upon yourself…and now you need that slow, quiet me time. It happened to the Bible greats, too, and God refreshed them, as He will you, too, if you allow it. No need to put so many deadlines upon yourself…you are allowed to say no. 🙂

  2. Love your gorgeous pillows! Your blue blocks are lovely, and your quilting on the Modern Fans quilt is wonderful. I get what you mean about Christmas stress and social media not helping. After years of being miserable at this time of year, I decided to simplify things to save what was left of my sanity. I don’t make presents, unless it’s something like pillow cases. The adults in the family draw names, and only spend $25. And I rarely go on Facebook. I still stress out (a little) about our Christmas Eve meal, though. Hang in there!

    • Thanks Sylvia! Simplifying things is definitely a way to beat overwhelm and be in the right frame of mind to actually enjoy activities associated with the festive season. I think the long separations caused by the pandemic have helped to show that it’s meeting up with family and friends rather than all the extras that really matter.

  3. The Santa FeE blocks are so pretty in Blues! and your couch cushions are beautiful. I am so with you on the overwhelm…. I can not believe how many emails come in that are junk – and that I waste my time deleting them… so frustrating – and then to Miss the important announcement – annoying… But!!! I think you machine was a wise choice – it will bring you years of happiness!! I think the price of sanity is worth that 😉


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