A finish and a quilty roundup

Last Saturday I took my patchwork and quilted wares to the ‘Summer Picnic’ organised by local charity, The Pink Place. I haven’t hired a craft stall since November so it took a bit of sorting and rummaging to gather things together.  I have a list in the ice cream tub that serves as my ‘toolbox’.  The list reminds me to pack useful items such as pen, scissors, string, sticky tape, pegs and safety pins.

The New Every Morning Stall
The New Every Morning Stall

The Summer Picnic was a relaxed, well organised event and stall holders had the luxury of being housed in a large marque. Sitting behind my stall for the afternoon gave me the opportunity to finally finish a cushion cover that has been my portable hand stitching for nearly a year! Hooray!



Later I popped a 16″ feather-filled cushion pad into the cover and the cushion joined the others in our sitting room AND, not before time, the Christmas cushion (oh!the shame of it!) was consigned to the washing basket!

One observation from that afternoon in the marque; the conditions were quite humid and as I stitched down the binding on the cushion cover I noticed that my double thread remained tangle-free and slipped through the fabric very easily. Much better than usual, even when I use Thread Heaven or bees wax.  Perhaps the dry air of a heated house contributes to the tangled, twisted thread issue I often encounter?

The freshly finished cushion joins the others I’ve made over the past couple of years.

Later in the week I enjoyed the monthly sewing day held in the community hall at Brown Candover, a very picturesque part of Hampshire. Mandy had organised for a sewing repair man to spend the day with us. We lined up our machines and through the day more than fourteen were serviced. If a group you belong to can organise something similar I’d strongly recommend it; the repairman gets a lot of business in one location and can offer a good discount on the usual cost of a machine service – win win!

I’ve been extending my blog management skills. You may have noticed the 2015 Blog Hop and Quantum Quilters widgets in the sidebar (get the rather self-conscious use of blog tech speak!) and the addition of a gallery page on the top menu bar. I’ve really been enjoying blog hopping; reading entertaining and informative posts; meeting creative quilt makers; it’s very much like receiving friendly letters and having a new magazine to look through everyday. Thank you to everyone who has hopped over here, I have been greatly encouraged 🙂

This evening I delivered my whirligig log cabin quilt and three patchwork cushions to a local church where members of Roundabout Quilters are setting up our first exhibition. The show will be open to visitors all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon too. The group is not quite two years old and was formed in part to overcome the happy problem of having slow moving waiting lists at established quilt groups in the area. I’m so excited to see the exhibition and will post some photos next week.

Finally a little ‘thought for the day’ taken from the book I’m reading, ‘A Loving Life’, by Paul E Miller:

The biggest problem people have searching for a perfect community is just that. You don’t find community; you create it through love. Look how this transforms the way you enter a room of strangers. Our instinctive thought is, “Who do I know? Who am I comfortable with?” There’s nothing wrong with those questions, but the Jesus questions that create communities are, “Who can I love? Who is left out?”

That has certainly challenged me.

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10 thoughts on “A finish and a quilty roundup

  1. Creating a community is hard. I’ve been so lucky in the last year to find a quilting community in my new home (we moved two years ago). The online quilting community has been the most welcoming group and creating that community has been easy. This blog hop has expanded that community and I am forever grateful.

  2. Great booth. Interesting observation about humidity and thread. I use my combo of beeswax and a tiny bit of coconut oil and rarely have any trouble. Thanks for the quote from the book you are reading.


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