A fickle relationship and a ray of sunshine

IMG_20160116_131007I am falling in and out of love with this quilt a lot faster than the time it takes a kettle to boil! Spurred on by Jacquie Gering’s Craftsy class, ‘Next Steps With Your Walking Foot’, I marked and stitched an echoing zig-zag pattern around the edge of the quilt – I was soo in love!  Then I paused to consider how to quilt the blocks (they are already secured with in-the-ditch stitches around their seam lines). First I tried stitching out a pattern using a continuous line template in the shape of a daisy flower.  This proved just too difficult as I struggled to turn and shove the entire quilt through the machine ‘throat’ each time I got to the point of a daisy petal – I was soo out of love as those stitches were unpicked!

IMG_20160116_131250I decided to take a leaf (ha!ha!) from Jacquie’s class and made a leaf template to mark a continuous line pattern that would not require any big turns just some gentle wavy lines – almost back in love by the end of the first strip.  The love light switched off again as I sewed in the thread ends and discovered a birds-nest of threads on the back! I really don’t want to consign this quilt back to the UFO cupboard.  I will seek patience, looking to fall back in love as I finish this quilt before moving on to something new.

But – whew – the something new arrived in the post this morning, a package of zingy citrus colours with a splash of cool blues.


I am so very happy with this selection of fabrics from Pelenna Patchworks, not only did they arrive within 36 hours of placing the online order, but the colours all coordinate beautifully. I started by choosing the green and orange fat quarter pack (these are all fabrics from the Moda ‘Dot Dot Dash’ range) and then added the yellow and blue fat quarters along with 2.5m of white on white fabric for the background.  These are the fabrics I’m going to use as I follow Alyce’s Modern HST Sampler QAL.  They look so bright and cheerful as the sun shines through our windows – finally the rain has stopped and we have eye-crinkling, sparkly frosts to enjoy!

And that wasn’t the end of the sunshine, as I also received from Pelenna a free gift pack of charm squares to add to my stash 🙂


Now back to the sewing room and that tricky on-off relationship…



10 thoughts on “A fickle relationship and a ray of sunshine

  1. I am so like you, Allison, falling in and out of love with my quilts. It doesn’t have to do with the quilting (at least not the machine quilting, because I don’t) but sometimes the blocks, the colors, and maybe sometimes the hand quilting pattern I chose, or the amount of time to hand quilt. I hope you fall back in love with this one because it looks beautiful

  2. Oh, I hope you fall in love with your quilt all over again. It’s so frustrating when we have to unpick, isn’t it? But a finished quilt is so worth persevering for.

    Your new fabrics are so bright and cheery! I look forward to seeing your sampler. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it funny how some quilts always seem to be there in the hinterland .? Not quite finished but mocking and haunting ? Or am I over thinking it and need to get out more ?

    • Perhaps most of us find it difficult to have things unfinished or unresolved? They end up in cupboards or in cupboards in our minds as we try to avoid them! I’m just musing now… Perhaps that’s why finishes are so satisfying?

  4. Some quilts are definitely more of a struggle than others ! I really like the zig zag quilting.
    36 hours from ordering – that is fast ! When I order from the US it is 3 weeks. There is a shop in Ontario that is really fast at 1 week. Those colours look really energizing for winter sewing !


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