A Family Holiday, a Finish and an Invitation

Back home after a week away in the depths of the peaceful Cotswolds.   A lovely holiday made extra special as we three (myself, hubby and #2 son) shared a self-catering cottage with daughter, her husband and our #1 son.  So our family was reunited, these times are becoming more and more precious as they become harder and harder to arrange! Photos may follow in a later post, if I can figure out how to transfer them from my tablet to the computer (isn’t it strange how communication technologies are so reluctant to communicate with one another!).  In the meantime I shall cheat and use some of hubby’s:

The formal gardens at Hanbury Hall (National Trust)
The formal gardens at Hanbury Hall (National Trust)
An overcast view from the Tower at Broadway, Worcester, into Wales
An overcast view from the Tower at Broadway, Worcester, into Wales
A mosaic floor at Chedworth Roman Villa
A mosaic floor at Chedworth Roman Villa
A model of what the Villa may have looked like in 350AD.
A model of what the Roman Villa may have looked like in 350AD.

Along with chatting, playing card games, walking, watching films, catching up on reading blog posts (when the intermittent wi-fi allowed!) I did actually FINISH a quilt!  I worked hard in the days leading up to the holiday to get to the finishing stages – just leaving the binding and a label to hand stitch in place once we were away.

'Charms and Coins' quilt. Using Moda's Collection for a Cause, Community, charm packs.
‘Charms and Coins’ quilt. Using Moda’s Collection for a Cause, Community, charm packs.

The ‘Charms and Coins’ quilt is based on a pattern by Carrie Nelson, found in her book ‘Schnibbles times two’. I bought the two charm packs and border fabric required on International Quilting Day back in March. Carrie’s instructions involve cutting two 2″ by 5″ strips from each charm square but I couldn’t cope with loosing 1″ of fabric from each of these lovely squares so instead just cut them in half to 2½”by 5″, absolutely determined not to ‘waste’ a single thread!  This meant the coin strips didn’t work out the same length as the on-point four patch square strips so the top and bottom ‘coins’ of the strips are trimmed to fit – I can cope with the look of this. The finished size of the quilt in the book is 31¼” by 36½”, by using all but two of the charm squares and not trimming the charm squares, mine finished up measuring 40½” by 56″.  RESULT!

Now, there is always lots of catching up to do after a holiday so I’ll share the links for the last two weeks of the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop with you and hope you’ll have time to investigate these varied and inspiring introductory blog posts:

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Following on from the Blog Hop I really want to thank first the four patient and enthusiastic hosts of the Hop and the associated Facebook group:

Quantum Quilters

Host: Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

New Bees

Host: Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs

Sew Fabulous Hive

Host: Stephanie @Late Night Quilter

Sewcial Swarm

Host: Terri Ann @Childlike Fascination

Secondly thanks to all those new bloggers who have contributed such interesting and personal posts to the worldwide quilty community; and then everyone who has kindly decided to follow my blog – this is a great encouragement – thank you!

And now for something completely different!  I’m going to move away from P&Q and get a bit more personal than usual and I quite understand if you don’t want to persue this idea with me, so please ignore it if it’s not for you and be assured that it will not be taking over the content of my blog posts in the future.  Here goes: For years I’ve been struggling with a very  poor attitude to food.  I am a comfort eater and will regularly forgo nutritious meals following an over-indulgence of chocolate, biscuits, cheese and or cake! I’m not hugely overweight but this summer last summer’s clothes are too tight and despite this obvious indicator I continue to eat a very unbalanced diet.  I know I need to kick my bad habits and practice new habits, develop a healthy attitude to food and eat a balanced diet.  My plan is to stop procrastinating (I can always find a reason for starting a balanced diet tomorrow) and make the necessary changes.

Could this display outside a grocery in Broadway, Worcestershire, be more tempting than a cake shop window display? ;-)
Could this display outside a grocery in Broadway, Worcestershire, be more tempting than a cake shop window display? 😉

Having got to this point and then failed so many times in the past I’m going to try something different.  I’m inviting any of you who can empathize with me on this issue to join a short-term support group on Facebook known as ‘Good Eating Habits Support Group’ – I’d be so glad of the accountability side of this as well as forming a group aimed at offering a support base to anyone else who could do with a bit of help to see through some changes in the area of healthy eating.  I’ve decided to gauge my success by what I eat (of course) and by setting a goal of loosing 1lb a week for six consecutive weeks.  You may have other motivating goals such as fitting comfortably into a particular item of clothing but overall this is about adopting a healthy attitude to food NOT about weight loss.  If you are looking to get started on achieving a goal in your life then take a look at Angie’s post, ‘Are you ready to make a change? I am!’, there’s a lot of help to be found there and an invitation to join her 30 Day Challenge – don’t procrastinate!


4 thoughts on “A Family Holiday, a Finish and an Invitation

  1. Great modification to a pattern; and how exciting that it turned out to be a much nicer finished size as a result. Good luck establishing new habits and attitude toward food; be gentle with yourself along the way. 🙂

  2. Hi Allison, glad to hear you had a good vacation – renting a cottage for some family time sounds lovely. Your new finish looks great – I really like the background colour you chose. hmmm, I could certainly stand to loose a pound or two 😉

  3. So pleased you had a good holiday. I love the Cotswolds and am lucky that it’s not too far from me.
    I’ve joined your facebook group and am quite happy to be a cheerleader for you. My eating habits are the same as you and hopefully we can hold hands through this


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