A cover for my ironing board and a full design wall

Are you prone to procrastination? It is my middle name! Generally fueled by fear of failure, I often procrastinate beyond the deadline to get the thing done. So it is with a ridiculous amount of pride that I now declare several years of procrastination over and my table-top ironing board’s new cover ready to use!

Ironing Board cover in situ by Allison Reid
The new cover – not too shabby even if I do say so myself! 🙂

I reckon the ironing board must be nine years old – bought during my first ever trip to IKEA when our daughter started University. The original cover has been stained with unsightly brown scorch marks for many of those years. Even concern the marks might discolour some of my fabrics has not been enough incentive for me to overcome the fear I might not succeed in making a replacement!

I don’t know quite what got me to the point of overcoming the fear and the resulting procrastination but there was a moment earlier this week when I decided ‘enough was enough’. I flipped over the little ironing board, untied the drawstring and removed that shameful cover. A quick(ish) search through my stash and I found a piece of cotton print roughly the right size. After pulling out the drawstring I ironed the cover flat and then folded it in half length ways to use as a template for the new cover.

Ironing board cover, new and old by Allison Reid

I had a reel of ready made cotton bias binding to hand – left over from my bunting-making days. I measured out approximately the right amount and pressed it in half length ways. I thought it would be quite tricky to thread the drawstring cord through the narrow bias binding tube once it was stitched to the cover fabric. So I decided to carefully tuck the cord into the inside crease of the bias binding BEFORE stitching the binding to the cover fabric. With some careful pinning this worked fine.

Ironing Board cover, cord inside the binding by Allison Reid

Ironing Board cover, tie cords by Allison Reid

My finishing wasn’t too neat but hey! it will be hidden on the underside of my ironing board – would the ‘Quilt Police’ stoop so low as to inspect an ironing board cover? *GASPS* of horror! 😀 This project that had caused me years of procrastination must have taken less than 90 minutes to complete. I wonder if I have learned a lesson from this? 😉

Away from the excitement and satisfaction of getting a job ‘jobbed’ I have made progress on the projects I mentioned in last Saturday’s post.

At Quilt Club I completed the final two blocks.

PS Quilt Club final two blocks completed by Allison Reid

I have all sixteen of the sampler blocks up on my design wall, they make a lovely bright display. (They are in no particular order).

PS Quilt Club Blocks on design wall by Allison Reid

I need to think about sashing and border fabrics… Is there a note of procrastination creeping into that sentence?! No!No! It’s just creativity taking it’s time to work!

Dashing Stars quilting completed by Allison ReidYesterday I completed the quilting of the Dashing Stars beginners quilt. I’ll be using it this coming Saturday to demonstrate squaring up a quilt and adding binding.

Today I pin basted the #scrappytripalong2019 Trip Around the World quilt but forgot to take a photo… I am working myself up to free motion stitching feathers over it but I might chicken out… Ha!Ha!

My back is aching after basting the quilt and then going a bit overboard at the allotment. I really went there to cut the grass but the strimmer battery gave up fairly quickly so I thought I might as well do some digging… Needless to say I got carried away in the sunshine and dug over quite a bit of ground. Now me thinks it is time for a hot bath.


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